Tuesday, January 04, 2011

i mean, i can't even

neil gaiman and amanda palmer had an improvised wedding at the house of ayelet waldman and michael chabon whilst jason webley officiated and daniel handler (a.k.a. lemony snicket) played accordion. DEAD. if that doesn't sound like the merriest, most literary, insanely brainy, amazing kind of celebration, i don't know what would. oh, to be a fly on that wall, or better yet, a friend to folks like that.
esquire's Chris Jones is amazing, this list is brilliant. (sufjan is on it, enough said.)
another two of my favorite things: josh groban and kanye west tweets!
my darling joseph leonard is back open. new years resolutions among staff and regulars were, "learn french" and variations on internet porn, "stop watching," "watch more," "make internet porn," "star in internet porn." (okay, that last one might have been mine. i specified that it must be french internet porn, which is totally classier than the american junk, or so i assume.)

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