Sunday, October 24, 2010

what i've been up to

so we had a big gay brunch this weekend then headed to the standard beer garden to enjoy one of the last days warm enough for such a thing. someone said, "wouldn't it be awesome if we had a hotel room here and could just go upstairs and drink without tickets and lines?" and i won't say how it happened, but all of a sudden we had a room key. and a case of champagne. and we put on the hotel robes and ordered up more for people who showed up so we all looked like monk/cult members of some sort. we tried flashing people on the highline but were too high up to be noticed. we ran a hot bath and took turns lounging in it, taking photos and sipping champagne. a friend had to leave for a date but returned with a pizza, which was amazing. the night, in retrospect, was the kind of thing i wouldn't believe unless i'd been there. and thank god i'd been there because it was pretty fucking amazing.
my beloved joseph leonard had a fire! i stopped into jeffrey's to see the crew who was in as good spirits as could be hoped for. most of the damage is in the basement which means the dining room is okay, but there was a lot of expensive equipment down there and tons of smoke to get rid of. thank god for insurance? people have been pouring into jeffrey's to offer support and it's a really beautiful reminder of what a tight-knit little community gabe stulman has built with his restaurants. i'm happy and grateful to be part of the family of folks who feel at home in his restaurants.
i'm possibly going to thailand over thanksgiving? i mean, i'm definitely going to thailand over thanksgiving. we're flying in and out of BKK but want to hit an island or two, feel free to e-mail over suggestions or drop them in the comments! i'll be there for two weeks
 i'm also going to georgia to an auburn game in a couple weeks. i didn't really have football in college (they were DIII, which, who cares?) but this is a totally different thing. i went to a couple notre dame games when i was in high school but i think this will be crazier because they're all southern. colin and david want me to sleep with a college kid which might be funny just to say i did it, and likely not fun in practice. 

have a couple pieces due out soon, will link them as they happen!

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Blogger jojo116 said...

i will be visiting NY soon with my boss we are looking for Jazz places to take professional photographs. He is trying to create really rustic classic images. Any recommendations?
The more run down the better I'm thinking. Any info would be great.

10/25/2010 11:12 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

Hi Jasmine, I read about your bedbug horror story over at The Awl, and I wondered if you'd be interested in doing a brief interview. I'm working on a story for a magazine about bedbugs, and what people have learned from dealing with them, and I've love to speak to you! Email me for details! (sarah AT sarahjio DOT com)

11/05/2010 12:51 AM  

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