Sunday, August 22, 2010

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so this digg thing has cracked me up. my favorite comment was in response to a comment i'd left: "This is why I like digg. This bitch wrote the article!!! She wrote the article!!!!!!"


peter has reminded me, like a true friend, that no matter what happens with this writing thing, he'll still only love me for my boobs. 

colin texted: "want my body?" i responded, "it goes without saying."

he sent me this grossness

then sent me this hilariousness

THIS, people, is why i'm obsessed with my friends. they're weirdly amazing. 

went to brunch and had a whole meal and 3 bloody marys and 2 glasses of wine and was handed a check for $11. i kid you not. i don't even know how to tip on that anymore so i left $50 on the bar? but then i stopped by another restaurant because i was hoping to catch the chef to talk business and ordered a pasta, but then dessert and then like 6 glasses of dessert wine showed up anyhow. i was handed a check for $20. what?! it's just ridiculous. so i had to leave some crazy money on that and i'm sure i spent 3 times more than had i just paid for what i'd ordered instead of tipping on all the free stuff i didn't, but that's life. it's actually lovely to be loved and appreciated as a regular at some of these places. i genuinely feel loved. it's better to be loved and have lost (the extra $) than to never have been loved at all, or something. 

friday evening was a gorgeous night and i hadn't made plans (i've been sick all week and staying in). i went to whole foods, stacked up on groceries and then saw all the yankees jerseys on the train platform. and as if it were something i was fated to do, i thought, "i'm going to drop my food off and then i'm going to go to yankee stadium and get a ticket to the game." that was it. and it was done. i was getting off the train, all these guys were all, "you need a ticket?" and i did. so i said yes. and he whips out this computer printout, totally sketchy looking, but it was an amazing seat. easily worth $100 at season ticket prices. i offered $40. he wanted $60 but then told me i could have it for $40 because i was so beautiful. it was also 20 minutes into the game and he wasn't going to sell this thing to anyone else so whatever! i sit down and the guys are all, "so you bought our ticket!" they'd sold it for $20 but i still got a deal. these guys were hilarious and they bought me beer. when i said i'd just shown up by myself they looked at me like i was an alien. but the coolest alien EVER. they were in awe of a chick who goes out and does things by herself. IMAGINE THAT. when they found out i was single they were all shocked ("but your're so pretty!") and i think feeling bad for my uterus or something. i assured them i wasn't watching my biological clock and they seemed to feel better, but i'm not the hugest fan of people thinking that if you're single that you're somehow broken/lonely/desperate. what if i LIKE being single? what if i enjoy my own company? what if this is a choice?! but most importantly, when i started hollering for my boyfriend Cano, one of the dudes was like, "yeah, i see him hanging out in hoboken all the time." WHAT?! my baby goes out in hoboken?! so he told me what club and so naturally i'm going to stalk him there immediately. the guys in front of me went on a mission to try to beg for beer post 7th inning stretch. I went with them because i was desperate for beer too. no luck. yankees lost kind of miserably. 

as i left to the sounds of sinatra's "new york, new york" en masse to the train, i see a lone dude dressed up as spiderman, playing the saxophone. george michael and then billie holiday both came on while my ipod was on shuffle, so, WIN. 

whatta town! 

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That Homer Simpson thing is so wrong. So so wrong.

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