Thursday, August 19, 2010

So I wrote something...

for one of my favorite sites on the internets: How I Fought Bedbugs And Won (i basically begged them for weeks and wore them down with my sheer persistence). 

but then someone put it on digg, which is fun! and random! so digg it or whatever.

my first post at esquire should be up this week, will link to that too when it shows.

i can't stop watching this. i love it so much. "guess what i wear as a hat? a lentil"

this is the kind of shit i'm talking about. and we're supposed to have civilized dialog across the aisle when the people on the other side are this dense? that's hardcore willful igorance at best and pure trailer-park stupidity at its worst. these people can't be reasoned with, they can only be ignored, which leaves them all the time in the world to run around willy nilly starting new rumors and spreading libelous emails. 

when obama came out in favor of the mosque (though he sort of backtracked, not really) i said, "way to be a grownup." that's the RIGHT answer. then morons like dean come out and make things worse. they should be backing a brother up!

and so help me if i hear one more poll about whether losers on the street think X or Y is constitutional without the person reporting the story actually SAYING, "your'e wrong, it is constitutional, there are actual guidelines here, there's this thing called the supreme court, CONSTITUTIONAL LAW IS NOT A MATTER OF PUBLIC OPINION."

in other words: i second alex balk

just had a fantastic dinner at agua dulce. sat at a sidewalk table and saw now less than three people i knew walking down the street. can i be the unofficial mayor of hell's kitchen? anyway: the restaurant. stay away from their frozen mojitos which are whack (made with creme de menthe instead of real mint) but the food rocks. get the salmon ceviche. and the chef has eyes you just want to gaze into for a long time so do that too. 

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