Tuesday, August 17, 2010

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a column i agree with, by roger simon. 

in LOVE, still. 

April 2, 2010
Panic about the novel is set to low simmer. The next novel and the non-fiction book proposal aren't flying, they're flunking. Anxiety is causing my fingernails to reverse course and grow inward. What if You Lost Me There is perceived to be a bomb, would it be so bad? Playing around today, I figured out that Michiko Kakutani is an anagram for "Atomic Haiku Kink." Michiko alone becomes, "Hi I Mock."

someone commented that i should be writing about politics more. lately, even thinking about it is infuriating. listening to commentary even on the radio makes me want to pull all my hair out and then cut someone. i literally heard someone say (probably on fox news, which of course went unchallenged), regarding repealing the 14th amendment, "i don't think the founding fathers wanted people who weren't born here to be citizens." really?! you know what the founding fathers were? PEOPLE FROM ENGLAND. and those 14th amendment whackos somehow think that repealing the 14th amt would cause obama to no longer be a citizen because they refuse to acknowledge that he was even born here to begin with. and this WTC mosque that isn't even a mosque but a community center, that had been proposed ages before 9/11 and nobody had a problem with it then AND it's not even in the WTC, it's blocks away, near some dirty video store. and what makes me even crazier are that all these republicans speaking for the "9/11 families" when a lot of 9/11 families actually understand freedom of religion and acceptance of others and that, you know, not ALL muslims are terrorists...that those republicans are the same people that are all, "get out of my business, leave me alone" but "i'll get all up in your business and command the government to get involved in private business decisions when it suits me." so it's all just tremendously hypocritical. republicans are hypocritical. there. i said it. and they make me so angry.

but anger isn't something i'm allowed to feel if i want to be buddhist so i gotta learn to calm the fuck down. i got a good lesson in buddhism the other day. being attached to material things is suffering. so when i lost my $400 sunglasses, i actually felt pain. i was so sick to my stomach that i thought i might faint. and then i proceeded to have nightmares about losing said sunglasses all night. so fine, it's just an object. but the thing is that i don't lose things. ever. i've never lost a purse, a phone, a wallet. if anything, i misplace things within my own bedroom. so it was more stunning than anything else. the sunglasses had been in my bag and then they weren't. i have no idea where they went to, whether someone stole them out of my bag, whether they fell, etc. things like this don't happen to me, that is, until they do. 

so yeah, attachment to physical things: suffering. i get it. 

met an adorable girl today to makes these awesome raw food wraps and sells them in midtown. 

i've got this irritating cough that i'm trying to steam out of my system. made a super spicy ramen. trying to scare the cold away, i suppose. 

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