Wednesday, August 11, 2010

buddhism, joseph gordon-levitt, sufjan, you lost me there

they're not accounting for the fact that people become BETTER LOOKING after acquiring said iphone. also, don't those numbers seem a little low? no? maybe?

have been on a few dates with someone who is buddhist and learning more about it is kind of rocking my world. it just makes so much sense, is resonating with me completely. some parts are a bit out there for me but the basic idea that we all should be good to each other, to anticipate each others needs, to be grateful for the life we have to to be thankful for every new day that we wake up in the morning. it's so beautiful. IMAGINE if everyone was buddhist!--i don't know enough about the religion to know what the bad parts of it are (if there are any) so chime in if you've got something to share--but it seems like the world would be such a lovely place if everyone were buddhist. SO PEACEFUL! also, they're supposed to be vegetarians (it's bad if you kill things) but this game is like going down a rabbit hole. even killing a plant kills insects, etc., but the point is that we should all be aware of what we're eating, considerate of where it came from. sounds like a good idea right? might promote more healthy eating.

a tenet of buddhism is "do no evil" which reminds me of google's mission statement: don't be evil, which reminds me that this deal they've made with verizon regarding net neutrality....doesn't seem awesome. actually seems possibly evil. just sayin'

the love of my life, no, not robinson cano. not jon stewart. no, not sufjan stevens, the other one. joseph gordon-levitt made a short film dealie which i just think is charming beyond belief. the language, OH, the language. i'm in love with a whole new set of words! produced by this thingy: anyway, watch it and laze in its awesomeness.

speaking of sufjan! presale tickets when on sale for his november concerts in nyc. i had 4 in my cart and then CHOSE not to buy them! what?! i know! but i can't help thinking that i'll probably be in nicaragua by then. the more i think about the possibility i won't go, the more i hate the idea of not going. so maybe, if no other commitments come up (like having to live in a chicago museum for a month), i'll go from mid september to mid october or mid november. 

my friend rosecrans baldwin has published a book that, though i haven't read it, is being gushed over by like every media outlet ever (his press rep deserves some kind of bonus, for sure). so BUY IT. i promise you'll enjoy it. i'm so excited!

i may also be doing some writing. i'll link my posts when they run. i've got two on the burners and have more pitching to do. the stuff i've got so far are interviews which actually require less writing and more a skill for having a conversation with somebody but who cares! i'm all about it!

GAH! so much to be excited about! huzzah!

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