Thursday, July 22, 2010

baby times

Had a lazy, baby spit-up filled, week at home. kate's baby is three times the size she was when i saw her last (which currently puts her at 12 pounds). she smiles often and has this crazy giggle and is generally more fun to play with these days. lots of squeaks and bird noises fly out of her tiny mouth. in short: cuteness. 

leaving the house is the biggest production. fifteen totes minimum. strollers, toys, pillows, pacifiers, and on and on and on. going to the grocery store is a production, travel is out of the question. we went to michigan for a couple days, packed into an SUV so tightly that i barely breathed for the 2 hour commute but once there, it was lovely. the cabin was low maintenance. pontoon rides and beers while wading in a too-warm lake. midnight golf cart rides for ice cream cones. apple cider doughnuts and italian sausage on the grill. 

kate and ant watch a lot of television. like, they have a tv in the living room, in the breakfast room and in their bedroom. there is always one on. so in the week i was there i managed to watch enough episodes of the following shows to feel invested in them: hells kitchen with gordon ramsay, the bachelorette, wipeout, big brother, so you think you can dance, and Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory. that being said, what typically happens is that i come back to my life in nyc and on a slow day in a few months i'll say, "oh, i wonder who won X show" and then google it. i have to say, though, that i'm totally obsessed with rob dyrdek now. the show is hilarious and that guy's brain works in a way mine never will. just to work on production of that show would be outrageous. "hey, i need a cop car painted with tiger stripes and then i need a faux fur bright orange cover for that designed to look like a huge cat head. thanks" and all his people have to go, "sure! no problem! of course!" 

y'all, i want to spend a month in the museum. seriously. i'm applying. and that 10K will get me to nicaragua for 2 months and then to an aryuvedic clinic in india for a few weeks and then to thailand for a month. all the traveling i want to do this year but am not sure how to pay for. THAT's how i'll pay for it. i'm not kidding.

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