Thursday, July 29, 2010

oh, who knows! stuff.

Tom had a burger, which he did not give me a bite of, which I think is really mean. I did not ask for one, but by the time I thought it'd be nice to have one it was completely gone. He eats very quickly, which is a very inconsiderate characteristic for a boyfriend to have.

you guys, i'm still just obsessed, add this to your reader! stat!

so the dates have begun. what i'm realizing is that i'm spoiled to have in my life an astounding number of socially graceful people as friends. no weirdos. very few awkwards. so dating is tough for me. it's knowing, 5 minutes in, that there is something "off" about the guy. carefully noting the odd traits, the tics, the condescending statements without uttering even a word in protest because it's not worth the effort because i'll never see the person again. waiting it out, hanging loose until it's over. so fine, the benefit of meeting a guy at a bar as opposed to online is for the pure fact that you know having a conversation with them won't be unnerving.

had a gorgeous brunch with dirk and santos, followed by a lord of the rings marathon (which, i forgot how good those movies are!) and by impromptu pasta and an even more impromptu dessert. dirk and i ran down to the store to see what inspired us. we ended up with peaches that weren't ripe enough, lady fingers and heavy cream. the peaches we diced and cooked in some water/lemon. we drained the juice and reduced it to a syrup. we toasted the lady fingers and made homemade whipped cream. it was really kind of amazing. and effortless and fun and i just don't cook enough. 

have a new roommate moving in. current one is moving to texas to some farm where she lives there for free but works 40hrs a week for no money and gets some agriculture certification or something? the new roommate works at betsey johnson and has a sweet chihuahua named "smalls" who is such a little lover. licks for everyone! 

i saw inception, mostly because of my irrational obsession with joseph gordon levitt. LOVE LOVE LOVE and in my head we're going to meet at a bar and have some babies. and i thoroughly enjoyed the movie and found myself just adoring the crap out of ellen page. leo is faultless. for those interested, really interesting and super believable theory on the movie here

someone in my building plays the french horn and i've been listening to some trio practice for a few hours out my window. beautiful. 

spending next week with the boys in fire island. a little gift from them to me for some legal work i did in helping them secure a lease when they were trying to get royally screwed out of the one they'd originally signed. being a lawyer comes in handy once in a very long while. 

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Blogger cadiz12 said...

dude, how many roomies have you had since we've met? like 6? i can't even keep them straight.

catalog living is awesome.

8/06/2010 1:16 AM  

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