Sunday, December 20, 2009

e-mail from my roommate: are you aware that you have a stiletto cookie cutter? no cookie sheets.... just a stiletto cookie cutter.
this is true. although i totally used to have cookie sheets. it's just that my kitchen stuff seems to go missing when people move. i refuse to buy any more nice stuff because someone steals it but i don't have time/desire to try to take stock of the kitchen as roommates move out. meh.
"again, his low-slung pants fell to his ankles, tripping him and sending him falling three stories to his death" so this is a lesson for all those planning on committing crimes: pull up your damn pants!
it's gotten cold. like, chicago cold. so i finally had to bring out my long down blankety coat. and as ugly as i think uggs warm and comfy do they look?!
i have this little planner that i love. i live and die by it; i've had it for years. the only trouble is getting refills for it every year since the company is in france. a nice man richard at lee's art shop (where i have fantasies of running into angelina and brad and the kids and bonding) used to order them in for me. this year, they upped their online capabilities so i got one online. it never showed up to my office. i e-mailed them every 3rd day or so. no response. had colin try calling them and he gets a voicemail message in french, of course. e-mailed a friend in france to see if she could call them locally. i finally, FINALLY hear from them and they're all, "okay, we'll send it a THIRD time..." and i'm like, "WAIT! nobody ever told me about the second! let's try a new address!" so i have him send it to kate's in chicago. i tell kate no less than 4 times, "i'm getting a planner refill. it is coming from france. don't be weirded out by it" i e-mail her twice to see whether she got it or not. today she calls. "i hope that wasn't expensive." i tell her it wasn't expensive, but that it was valuable and then ask why. "because i threw it away. it was weird. it was a little and it was addressed to me and it was from france." YES KATE. JUST LIKE I TOLD YOU FOUR TIMES. (i went back and counted the e-mails!) UGH. i mean, i get that she's pregnant but that seems like forgetfulness on a terrifying scale. so the planner i live and die by, still has no refill. i've ordered another so let's pray that kate keeps her shit together enough to not toss this one. UGH. ugh ugh ugh.
big plans the weekend. huge. they involve brunch, a haircut, baking cookies and watching the holiday and having a slumber party at justy's. and if it blizzards i've told him we HAVE to go to a bar because going to bars in blizzards is the BEST.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with that. I don't like snow, but hanging out at a bar during a blizzard is one of the most fun experiences.

12/21/2009 4:08 PM  
Blogger Becky said...

in kate's defense, one of my sister's pregnancy books says that a woman's brain shrinks by about 7% when she's pregnant. now THAT'S terrifying.

12/21/2009 6:03 PM  

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