Wednesday, December 02, 2009

short update

kenya was tremendous and the minute i left i was already mentally planning my return. as we drove away i felt a sickness in my stomach akin to moving away from home. i fell in love fast and hard with the Mara, its people and the sunsets. oh GOD, the sunsets. i took 600 photos and have started to cull them down, crop some, etc. posts are in the making.
but taking over my head these days...jami was a friend and she'll be dearly missed. she was kind, generous, patient, loving, open, smart and funny. all wrapped up in a petite little rocking body with so much gorgeous curly hair and a wide, teethy, smile. a deep voice that carried and a boyish disposition, she was every man's dream and every girl's best friend.
you never ever think that the weirdos with crushes on you are ever actually psychopaths or murderers. i have so many friends who've had crazy, stalky, aggressive admirers. it's a reminder that people should take caution, follow their guts, and report people whose behavior threatens or scares them, however minor.
i'm not a religious person but there's nothing like losing someone to make you really want, nay, NEED, there to be something else out there. some better place. just for the peace of imagining your lost one out there happlily basking in a utopia while you toil away below.
funeral is tomorrow. will pick up with posting and photos over the weekend.

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Blogger omar said...

That's terrible news, I'm sorry to hear it.

Amen to following their guts. Gavin de Becker's "The Gift of Fear" should be required reading.

12/02/2009 10:18 PM  
Blogger Becky said...

oh, jazz, i am so sorry for your loss. that's just heinous - i can't even imagine.

12/03/2009 1:40 PM  

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