Thursday, December 10, 2009

robin thicke, frigid

colin on robin thicke's new album, Sex Therapy: "I mean, you'll be pregnant by the time you've finished listening to the album. with twins." and it's true. i started listening to it and got pregnant three times on the A train home. completely seriously: i went back and forth from feeling like i wanted to get naked and just start making out with someone to utter embarassment at kind of wanting to hook up with whoever had a pulse and was within 5 feet of me. also, repulsion at how not good-looking your average subway rider is. there will be LOTS of babies conceived to this album. i can't listen to it in public. honestly.

i just watched the video. it's awful. robin shows up at some mansion that is clearly a modern brothel. his lip synching is shady and LOOKS like lip synching which is grizz. it has him in these strange outfits that are costumey without actually looking like anything specific and he has a cheesy looking walking stick. and then for what feels like 4 minutes he slides down and sits against a wall with some woman standing in front of him while he "sings" through the V in her legs and awkwardly touches them. weird. verdict: NOT sexy.

i mean, just stop. stop the cuteness. i can't handle it!

it's gotten cold here. still not as cold as sweet home chicago, but i was tempted to bring out the floor length down coat today. boooo.

totally watched surprise kitten another 100 times since i posted. i have a problem.

and, happy holidays!

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