Saturday, December 12, 2009

bad tv, bagels, unemployment, FOTC

this list made me laugh several times. kind of meta, but enjoyable for the masses all the same.
what sounds like a great biography on the much missed molly ivins. she'll be smiling down on Houston if annise parker gets elected, for sure. she has a line about republicans slapping each other on the back to congratulate themselves after passing anti-gay legislation: they violate their own rule that a dick can't touch an asshole. oh, molly. i heart you.
EVERYONE is talking about jersey shore. i've never seen it. refuse to even watch clips online. it sounds terrible, the people in it sound terrible. who knew it was possible to both hate AND be sick of a show that just started that i've never seen?
went to that james bond birthday party. get a text from my friend joyce, "some guys at the party were asking about you." all of this is because i was one of the few people there who didn't already know everybody so i'm a fresh face. or fresh meat, rather. she's so determined to get me to meet some straight guys that i feel that every time i see her i'm in a meat market. it's a lot of pressure for a girl who is used to solely hanging out with gays. at gay bars. i'm not sure i'm up for all of this, honestly.
so cute, and so much tinier than you think...get to the photo where he's plating...
speaking of bagels...try this at home!
new sade. YES.
my current project is ending soon so i'll be joining the ranks of the unemployed for a bit. no need to send sympathies over, however, because i've got some saved and am very seriously toying with doing lots of exotic things. heading to thailand to visit a friend. moving to nicaragua for a few months to brush up my spanish. taking an extended trip to australia where one of my best friends is most likely moving in the spring.
but on the home front, it's forced me to get a bit creative. i think i'm going to make some christmas presents for the folks back home. how amazing is this? and ji's closet is SICK. i mean, there aren't really words to describe the insanely awesome/expensive stuff in her wardrobe. but speaking of closets, mine isn't bad either. and i HAVE to stop shopping. so it's been fun to go back to the stuff i've owned a long time and find ways to perk things up. i've got some summery lacy tops that i think i would winterize with a velvet belt and a blazer. and i can't forget about my cream/gold brocade jacket which just makes everything look fancy even though i bought the damn thing at H&M (a knockoff of a DKNY $400 jacket that i almost bought for full price). not that you can see any of my clothes under the piles and piles of scarves and sweaters i've been wearing. some days i honestly look homeless. NOT chic.
my friends and i have conversations like this ALL the time. but it's usually like, "ugh you see that bitch who shoved me on my way to the dressing room?" "was she asian?" "yes." "i fucking hate asians. ... i can say that because i'm half-chinese." i also feel free to hate on white people because i'm half-white. see, being a hapa you have the best of both worlds. you can be part of a group or distance yourself from it depending on what is convenient at the time.
and can we please have a moment of silence for the end of flight of the conchords? i highly recommend their concerts if they come to a town near you...

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