Tuesday, December 15, 2009

new yorker, yankees, fuuuuuck youuuuu joe lieberman

is it bad when i get my "this week's new yorker" e-mail and am like, THANK GOD! when i see it's a two week issue? being behind in my new yorkers is oppressive and stressful. why can't i do anything without worrying about it?

santacon was saturday. i didn't participate because i'm not a sorority girl still in college. but it was kind of fun to see hoardes of people dressed as santa stumbling around all over the city saturday. i appreciated the random other costumes (chicken, frog, pluto) that just spiced things up a bit.

a really cute improv everywhere scene.

roger angell called it: we lost matsui. speaking of that nyer piece...i loved it. when i saw him at the festival the first thing he said was, "why am i not at the yankees game right now?" i still am plotting out how to get him to adopt me. but the piece was great for its details, its harkening an earlier time and halcyon days. and, truth be told, the yankees played like an old fashioned team this year. fewer distractions, infighting and ego. more pure desire to play and win. they made baseball look fun again. so you can't much blame angell for his nostalgic waxing. he also predicts we'll lose johnny damon too. i has a sad over all this. i could never manage a baseball team...

colin hosted our 3rd annual holiday sit-down. he outdid himself this time. inspired by julie and julia we had boeuf bourguignon with some slight alterations courtesy of ina garten. served with amazing crusty bread, mixed mushrooms with thyme and egg and a green salad. dessert was a raspberry bavarian cream. lots of wine and some french music later we did the "say what you've thought about this year" thing. i used to hate that. i didn't come from a very emotive/warm/open family. it's weird to have found that in my friends instead.

this year obviously had its highs and lows. (kenya post is coming soon, i swear!) but what i'll remember about this year is feeling somewhat like i've come into my own. i have a lot less anxiety in my life, a lot less self-doubt, more self-confidence. all due to the latisse, i'm sure. but i think i'm just getting older and tired of all that other stuff that doesn't actually matter. it feels good to focus on the stuff that does.

my friend katie said this guy she's been pulling is turning crazy. i said, "what does that mean? he wants to get married and have your babies?" her response: "Yes new guy already wants to move in together and fully said, out loud - i want to have your babies.
I was like - get the fuck out of my house." that's going to be my new favorite phrase. i'm going to use it as much as i can. get the fuck out of my house. awesome. julie's phrase, uttered when someone at work might come up to her for any reason whatsoever is, "why are you so obsessed with me?" which i also think is quite fun.

and, hey, joe lieberman, FUUUUUUUUUUCK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. you're a small, sniveling, petty, self-serving, arrogant, disgusting excuse for a human being. i'm tired of looking at your ugly face and having to hear about how you've fucked things up again just because you're an attention-starved little troll with a penchant for temper tantrums.

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