Wednesday, August 19, 2009

rodarte, sufjan, real ballers

re: how fucking sad i'm finding infinite jest...i guess i'm reading it (and understanding it) the way DFW would have wanted (the bit i'm talking about is around minute 20, but if you have the time and like DFW this whole interview is good). which consoles me slightly as i continue to tread through this downer of a novel.
THIS IS THE JACKET OF MY DREAMS. for real kids. that whole rodarte FF09 show was ridiculous.
they limited tickets to one pair per person for sufjan tickets. which means i couldn't get another pair to sell for mucho money. so i'm debating selling my other ticket. it's the bowery so it's not like i have to sit next to a stranger but if i sell it, i'm going to the concert alone which isn't something i much enjoy. but none of my friends are as sufjan obsessed as i am either so they'd go and not really have any idea what was going on.
jon cohn: definitely one of the best guests i've ever seen on the colbert report.
so emily, a couple weeks ago, met some professional basketball player. and unlike the fake baseball player, this guy seems to actually play a professional sport. someone asked for his autograph while they were out. (there's a small chance he paid the dude to do that, which would actually be really fucking hilarious, but i digress.) i get a text from her last night, "brian, that nba guy won't leave me alone. i've told him i'm married like a million times. he wants me to bring out single friends on friday. what do you think?" my initial response was, "bring marla instead. he probably wants to get laid and at least she's a sure thing." (marla was her maid of honor, mostly because emily said she didn't want to deal with the argument that would ensue if marla wasn't made MOH. but again, i digress. also, marla sleeps with anything with a pulse and has a preference for married/engaged/otherwise taken men. it's awful.) emily responds, "no, he didn't act that way - i think he just wants company before he has to head to work, he never tried anything. but all men want 1 thing so who knows. i'll be pissed if he doesn't buy us drinks." "well, tell him you're unemployed and you can't afford to go out. if he really wants to hang he'll offer to pay for it all. btw, i think i just sent feminism back a decade with this text."
so it seems we're going out with him on friday. his mom lives in long island, which is where i assume he's from (he also has a 516 area code). he doesn't play for new york because he offered her tickets for the knicks whenever his team plays them. he's obviously a big black guy and he's called brian. any sports fanatics or bored people care to figure out who this guy is? emily didn't even ask what team he played for because she wouldn't have known it even if he'd said it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said... only lists 4 Brians in the league. Brian Cardinal and Brian Cook are both married. I couldn't find the marriage status of the other 2, Brian Scalabrine and Brian Skinner.

8/20/2009 12:22 PM  

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