Monday, July 13, 2009

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every card that my grandmother ever gave me could go on this site. i throw most the cards away but they often read: thank you "granddaughter" etc. she is the QUEEN of unnecessary quotes. she OWNS them.
took my first half of an ambien this weekend. i'd anticipated that it would take 30 minutes or so to kick in. wanted to clip my toenails because i had plans to get a pedicure the next day and they never cut them short enough. get the clippers out, get about three toenails done and start to feel super woozy. i woke up with the clipper and a few stray nails in my bed. yikes! had i needed a glass of water i might have fallen asleep right there in the hallway, it seems.
did a fun thing with the gals and gays this weekend: a cooking class! it was private, in a caterer's kitchen with a plucky chef from san francisco. we made ricotta stuffed artichokes, rosemary polenta, prosciutto crusted tilapia and rasberry bread pudding. and then we ate the shit out of it. she was wise to have us do all the slicing and dicing while we were still soberish (we maybe started with champagne and rose at ted's first) but things slowly went downhill. we were making the kind of jokes you shouldn't make in mixed company. a few "that's what she said"s were bandied about. chef was cool though and we had a pretty great time. we all added her on facebook as we left and hope to do some type of BBQ soon.
went to locanda verde again, something i've been doing almost once a week since it opened. i like to sit at a table, read, and make my way through their menu, trying new things each time. and every time i've been i've been told there's a wait, happily said i'd wait, and then gone to the bar to get a glass of wine and then 5 minutes later retrieved because someone hadn't shown up for their reservation or whatever. so yesterday i approach a severe-looking tall woman with dark curly hair. "hi, how long is the wait? it's just me." the response, a cold, "wouldn't you like to sit at the bar?" and, really, i like sitting at bars but prefer a table but had i been told the wait was 2 hours then i'd definitely have sat at the bar. if the wait was 20 minutes, i'd wait for a table. so i ask, "how long is the wait?" bitch rolls her eyes at me, says to a fellow host, "let's just get her out of here. take her to XX." whoa! was that necessary? really? after all the nice things i've said here and elsewhere to everyone i know about this place, i'm going to get treated like an annoyance to be dealt with swiftly? my server, a blond thing who i see there every sunday, seemed a bit weeded/rushed but was friendly and unobtrusive.
just 10 pages short of my infinite summer mark for this week. OMG, joelle. it's just really starting to get eventful. but eventful at a pretty rapid clip. things are starting to connect in crazy ways and i have to make myself stop and take inventory so that i make sure i'm not missing anything. awesome.

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