Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the A train, infinite summer

after a VERY drunken evening some time last week, i was late to work. i caught an 8:30ish train and surprisingly found a seat. "next stop, 145th street." it was a voice i recognized. it's unmistakable really. he sounds like a muppet. so as we're approaching 59th street he says, "i want to wish you a good day, and a good weekend. i won't be taking you to work any longer so hopefully we'll see each other around sometime."
i still can't decide whether he's getting laid off, or quitting, or just taken of the A route, or taken off the morning commute. but i couldn't believe that after having not been on this guy's train since late 2008, to be a passsenger on what might be his final ride seemed somehow symbolic. something about full circles, life moving on, new york being so small and also so big.
i'm still really enjoying infinite summer. though i have to say, the 5 page footnotes in teeny print are going to be the death of me. i also find that i'm thinking too hard. he'll hint something in a sentence and i'll say, "oh! he's referring to X, yay! i'm so proud of myself for picking up on that! whee, i'm smart." and then 15 pages later he'll full on spell out what i'd figured out on my own. basically, i don't need to be piecing it together so much i my head because he'll do it himself. i'm wasting lots of energy remember specific hints, clues, facts, putting them on a shelf in a special "i know he's going to come back to this, he wouldn't have said this unless i was meant to remember it" cubby. but he's kinder than i thought and more generous than i'm used to and he's gifting stuff to me instead of making me search it out. also, footnote 24 was so genius. best footnote ever. and why hasn't someone taken the time to make all those movies? or have they? footnote 304 was painful. interesting, yet painful. and what the hell is on that damn cassette! it's taking everything inside of me to not just wiki it because i know it would ruin a fair amount of suspense for the big picture. or it seems like it might...

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