Tuesday, June 16, 2009

on iran

i've been captivated by everything happening in iran right now.
i've been glued to andrew sullivan's site which has been on top of this shit like maple syrup on a waffle.
so go green on facebook, please. it sounds stupid and small but everything that lets all those young people there, fighting for freedom and putting their lives on the line...we should do what we can to let them know we're watching. we may be otherwise helpless but we care and we support them.
anecdotal stories sent in talk about fake numbers, ballot boxes being tampered with so even if they were to recount, i think the ballots themselves are likely faulty.
andrew also has a lot of heartbreaking video of the police ruthlessly running down the streets and into peoples houses and beating the lives out of them. it's horrendous. for all my debauchery over the weekend, i thought about this a lot. i was as afraid the day of their elections as i usually am on days of my own.
so watch the videos. see the pictures. pray for these people.

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Blogger Cousin said...

The Iranian protests are very reminicient of the Tiennamen Square protests 20 years ago -- hopefully they will end better. Andrew Sullivan has been doing extensive coverage to be sure, but there's something a little disgusting about his coverage as well. Actually more than a little disgusting. For the past few years, Sullivan couldn't give a bucket of warm spit about the Darfur genocide, far more horrendous than anything going on in Iran (unless those soldiers are wantonly shooting and machetting legions of male protesters and gang raping/mutilating the women protesters). To the extent that he's talked about ANY human rights abuse that doesn't involve gays or Europeans, it's been something Pat Buchanan could just as easily authored. (One small exception to this is Burma, which he has shown a passing interest in). So when Sullivan writes things like "I'll take John Cole's ridicule all day if it saves a single life in Iran" (Cole mocked the "blog gone green" show of support), it's just insufferable. He's a raging human rights activist when it's convenient (in this case to support his unquestioning support for President Obama (the exception being - surprise! - gay rights) and a cold realpolitik human rights appeaser when it's not.

6/16/2009 3:07 PM  

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