Tuesday, June 09, 2009

TAL, broadway, free purses, cirque

um, can i make these guys my extra grandpas?! LOVE.
not sure whether people are still hating on james frey or not but how can you not love him a little after this? so good.
this episode of this american life was good but his phone call to the german shepard guy is crazy. so weird. i can't stop laughing about it. just listen.
aaron tveit, who i first saw at a college alumni event (and who bri subsequently signed on as a client at his talent agency) is totally blowing up. he was awesome at the tonys (he's in next to normal) and look at this. rock on. he's a cute kid, super talented. let's hope he doesn't turn into a huge douchebag! who am i kidding? he had a nice girlfriend who, if they're still together, he's probably cheated on massively. men can't just be nice if they have any amount of fame/power/money. cutie matt cavenaugh, who i graduated with and run into on occasion, i can 100% say he's stayed nice as ever. sweet thing, he's tad on the dopey side but it's charming. also, voice of an angel. go see him play tony in west side story. RIGHT NOW.
and how amazing is david sedaris' impression of billie holiday here? and stay on for sara vowell. AND the anne lamott act after that. sooooo good.
 thank you so much for the CA tips folks, it is MUCH appreciated! hopefully we'll buy tickets this week. flights across the coast are wicked cheap right now.
this girl alice bond is awesome and she's leaving bags all over the city and tweeting about their whereabouts. of course, i'm sure they're being found moments after they're left so it's not like anyone who catches the tweet has time to find it, but what good karma/publicity she's getting to bring a little girly bit of joy to some one's day, eh?
saw cirque du soleil this weekend. i'm always so amazed and scared and wowed the whole time by those shows. i don't like the scared part though. there were a few slips and trip ups and THANK GOD that whatever new york state liability laws are that require them to put down some netting and use a harness every once in a while. i mean, FOR REAL. in vegas i don't remember them using any nets whatsoever. and it's fucking scary! so if you see kooza here in nyc: watch out for the guys in the flying hamster wheels in act II. totally bananas.
it's dear alex's birthday tonight and we'd had plans to drink at a rooftop bar but gotham weather has just been so gross and wet lately. she's trying to set me up with a dude who is vaguely conan o'brien-ish which, you know, is okay if he WERE conan because i love that man. but, looking like conan when you're not conan....totally different story.
i've been master cleansing. i had to cheat twice for pre-planned dinners but otherwise i've been good. this time has been blissfully easy actually. i started last thursday and have had only that lemonade/cayenne pepper shit, two coffees (i had to), a fish taco and some sushi since then. i'm planning on going through friday (and maybe the next weekend depending on whether i can manage to hide from my friends for that long). but yeah, i feel good and haven't been hungry or cranky. rather, no cranky than i normally am when i'm at work doing tedious things or inefficient things (nothing makes me crankier than inefficiency!).

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