Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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i'm leaving for key west super early tomorrow and it could NOT come sooner. i need more than one day off in a row. this working weekends thing totally gets me down. i'm going to go parasailing (!) and do lots of laying in the sun and hopefully not drink toooo toooo much as i keep reading articles about just how bad for you drinking is and how counter-active it is to all the working out i'm trying to do. BAD ALCOHOL! i thought you were my friend...
and tonight i'm seeing a final dress of finian's rainbow which is a show i've heard about several times, but never seen and know nothing about actually. my mom used to mention it all the time, i think it was her first play. which probably means that gary sinise was in it with her because she went to school wit him her freshman year. well cheyenne jackson is in this one and i'm pretty sure he's going to think i'm stalking him but i swear i'm not! he just does some good stuff and i happen to come into free tickets for said stuff on a regular basis...
can i say quickly how proud i am that andrew cuomo has been such a ballsy AG? i'm proud to have been one of 15 people working on that campaign to get him elected. and i'm waiting patiently for his gubernatorial run.
and speaking of being ballsy, this is going to sound dickish but it's true, cute girls get away with a lot of things they shouldn't. i was at a bar (it should really be "the bar" since i pretty much only go to one) and saw a guy drinking smirnoff ice. smirnoff ice!! and, sober, i walk right up to him and ask if he had to turn his balls into the bartender in order to get that drink. now, depending on who said it to him, he might have gotten fairly angry. but not these fellas! they laughed and laughed. they were english. so i started just railing on them using my expertise on all things british. these guys did nothing to me and i interrupted their night just to make fun of them pretty much just because i could. and they ATE THAT SHIT UP. had i been a guy, that never would have played. just sayin.
this will go in the TMI file but it's also a public service announcement of sorts for women who wax. ages ago a bought this sugar wax kit. those were my student days when i couldn't spend $60 for someone to throw hot wax and rip all the hair out of my chachi. now, i can afford such a, ahem, luxury. what i DON'T have, unfortunately is the luxury of time which meant i had to give myself a bikini wax from the comfort of my own home last night. so i dug out said sugar wax and wouldn't you know, it heated up just as it should and was loads less painful than the ones i usually pay for (the ones from bliss that are supposed to be less painful than the rest). the sugar isn't as sticky as wax and thus barely sticks to your skin which is where most the pain comes from to begin with. you re-use the cloth strip and all the ingredients are natural and rinse out of the strip quickly and easily, and rinse off your body even easier. so anyways, i recommend sugar waxes! i don't necessarily recommend doing them yourself but if push comes to shove, i've been through much worse.
got a check yesterday for $40 from an airborne class action lawsuit. something i applied for way over a year ago it seems. but it was a nice surprise nonetheless.
someone at picked up my last post doting on the company. i've had a few dozen hits from a couple zappos offices. everybody wave hi to the zappos people! *waves* keep rocking guys! i love you! as much as i'm capable of loving a corporate entity. also, i really like shoes. feel free to send some freebies my way, eh? i'm a 6.5 with a YSL addiction ;)
and holy shit! that place in paris with the all you can eat steak and the super good fries and that sauce which probably has crack in it that they pour all over your steak and coming to new york! HOLLA! why is life so awesome?! gah!!!!
and last, but not least, the latest from matt taibbi. i kind of love that man. what i wouldn't give to make out with him real hard for a few minutes...and maybe grope him a little. you know, nothing that couldn't be done in public while people yell "get a room!" in your general direction.

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