Wednesday, February 27, 2008


so remember those guys i met from nbc?

one of them was the one that gave brian williams my card, which resulted in him leaving me a voicemail.

another one of them e-mailed me shortly thereafter to let me know that he used to work on the conan o'brien show and that anytime i wanted to come, i was welcome. well, strike and all, i figured i'd wait that out a bit. but now that they're back, he e-mails to say, "which is better, monday or tuesday?" he wasn't sure whether i'd get a seat or whether he'd just stick me in the production booth to see the show from there.

i've loved conan since me and one of my best friends in grade school started seeing commercials for his show. we actually threw a "conan debut party" in my basement and i've enjoyed him ever since. i teared when andy richter left.
So I get to the visitors center and check in and am told that a page will bring me to the editing booth. Sure enough some young kid with a blazer brings me over to my host. My host then brings me on a tour of 30 rock. I saw the msnbc studios (though my beloved brian Williams was in ohio for the debate. I get to walk through the saturday night live studio and was told I had to come back on a rehearsal day (don't have to twist my arm on that). I got to see conan host will ferrell who was so funny.  
Afterwards we went downstairs where the band and guests were walking about willy nilly. I was so close to conan that I could have licked him. 
Then some crew people and I went to a bar around the corner and met john sterling, the voice of the new York Yankees. I will say that he looked nothing like I thought he would look and was with a woman half his age. We discussed Clemens and steroids and if you want details of that convo, email me. 
In all, a totally awesome evening. If I haven't mentioned it lately, I love my life!

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Blogger Peter said...

That sounds like quite a night. If Brian Williams had been there, would you have tried to lick him?

And Clemens is a douche. One of the all-time douchiest.

2/27/2008 7:37 AM  

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