Monday, January 12, 2009

recession, swimming, snuggies

the weather this weekend was so gross. is so gross.

and my project is over at the end of the week which means i'll soon be one of the many trying to file an unemployment claim on a site that won't stop crashing.

so now we're full-on going into recession/depression mode. i gave myself a french pedicure. i plan on eating out less. cutting down on alcohol consumption. and i've been working out at emily's sweet new apt so i'm saving money on a gym. she needs to get in shape before her wedding so it's a good opportunity for my main drinking/debauchery partner and me to be healthier, cook meals, etc. instead of going out and binge eat/drink like we'd usually do. my partner in crime is now my partner in fitness. or something.

the swimming thing is getting better. i got a nose clampy thing to keep the water from getting all up in my nose. i'm still learning how to turn my head to breathe without trying to lift it too much out of the water. i guess i just feel that when i turn my head, that i'm not turning it enough and that instead of air, i'll take in a giant mouthful of water. basically, it's all still very unnatural. and my arms are still flaily. practice makes perfect. i get less and less scared each time. so strange to think of myself being scared of swimming when i know i like being in water so much.

kate and ant and i kept making fun of those snuggies that you see commercials for like every 5 seconds if you're watching cable television. we thought they all looked cultish. like big-ass crazy scientology robes or something. so wouldn't you know that anthony's parents actually get kate a snuggie for christmas (these people have a history of terrible gifts). i'm still laughing just thinking of her on the couch with it.

and i updated my damn links down there. i hate getting into my template. it's confusing. disorienting. but 90% of the people there had stopped blogging or changed blog addresses. so i give a big thumbs up to jon, cadiz and becky for being consistent! yay!

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Blogger Becky said...

my aunt got a snuggie for christmas, and she wore it pretty much the whole weekend. we decided that they are okay on women, but on men they seem kind of benedictine.

also, thanks for the consistency shout-out.

1/12/2009 4:10 PM  
Blogger Cousin said...

Woah, we're linked, gratzi! Lunch at Hot Dougs is on us.

Ok, here's a job hunting tip which I've never used but worked for a friend. Either get a pacer account for the us party index or go to the sdny clerk's office if they have free access. Try to find all the big litigations going on in your area of expertise (hopefully there's a case kind-code for it). Then contact the listed lead attorneys and/or partners (the ecf report even has their addys) and ask if they need some litigation support for the case, dropping any good tidbits from the complaint or case file if you've got some particular experience or relevent experience.

1/12/2009 4:55 PM  
Blogger Syar said...

Yikes, I'm inconsistent??! That's a first, ha. Ah well, thanks for still keeping me on the links bar.

I'm aiming for "healthier" this year too. Drinking one of my 8 glasses of water as I type.

Also, wtf? Andy has been blogging? Why do I not know this?

1/13/2009 2:28 AM  
Blogger cadiz12 said...

before all this snuggie nonsense, i got a Slanket for my birthday. and while some of my friends mocked me, i use it all the time and it's really warm and comfy.

i'm nothing if not more or less reliable.

1/13/2009 9:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm scared of getting eaten by bears (plural) yet I like coating myself with honey and sticking little bits of salmon on my skin, so much I like it. Do not question why we are the way we are, Jazz. All I ask of you is to do your best not to drown. Except in honey, that would be a wonderful death.

1/13/2009 10:30 PM  

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