Monday, December 22, 2008

the end of lying, people on the street, ailey

in this day of twitter and constant facebook status updates, i'm realizing that i used to be a huge white liar. if i wanted to hang out at ted's instead of go all the way downtown to meet someone for a beer they'd get a, "getting a headache. think i want to stay home" text message. if it was raining and i decided i wanted to head home someone would get a, "i have to work late, can we reschedule?" message. but these days, if i'm at ted's, chances are we're decked out in wigs and various pieces of halloween costumes. and that someone is taking a photo and posting it straight to facebook: mobile uploads! or that i'm twittering about being happy to be home out of the rain. so lest i get caught telling someone i'm home napping and then they log on to see me with a giraffe head on hanging on a friend's couch, i better start learning to tell the truth when i can't/don't want to honor plans...

when i log onto my bank account these days, i get asked a series of questions. it's nice to have the extra security but sometimes i don't know the answers. "what is your pets name?" i don't know! i had lots of pets. which one? WHICH ONE?! "what was your grade school mascot?" oh my god. i have no idea! what was my 4th grade mascot? basically, this happens every time i want to check my account balance. i think i might have to re-set them and e-mail myself the answers so i have them on hand.

last night as i was walking home some dude just started talking to me. that happens sometimes. usually related to cat-calling of some sort. so this time the dude is like, "i want you to have great holidays and to stay healthy" blah blah blah. i kept walking, didn't pay much attention. then he says, "you always swear at me but i really wish you the best." and it was then that i realized he was specifically trying to wish me a happy holiday because i DO always swear at people making crude comments on the street! he knew who i was! typically once a "hey beautiful" starts to drip out of someones mouth i'll throw out a "fuck off." just a reminder to them that though most people don't say anything at all, that some women don't like to be harassed walking down the street. so, apparently, this guy is one of the guys i'm always telling to "fuck off" and apparently he wishes me the best. i dont know what any of this means.

it snowed, then rained, then snowed. then more raining. now it's freezing, which resulted in a perilous crust of ice on everything.

i went to see alvin ailey yesterday! wynton marsalis and a live band playing music by duke ellington. the whole program, with the live band behind it, had so much energy. and like a good sundae topped with whipped cream, Revelations ended the afternoon's program. goosebumps, as always. it makes me feel bad for everyone who doesn't have any Rev in their life. if you ever, ever have the chance to see ailey, you must go. and scream extra loudly for clifton brown for me, he is SO my favorite.

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Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

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