Monday, January 05, 2009

beyonce, UTIs, twitter

i saw this and had to laugh because mine is likely the same way. though, if you counted how many times we watched the video, and the performance on SNL with JT, and her performance on the american music awards...well that number probably quadruples or something.

why so much watching? because me and the gays are obsessed, OBSESSED, with really learning the choreography to this thing. we spent a gigantic part of thanksgiving weekend just watching, rewinding, and doing it along with her. i'm not sure how i forgot to mention that in my epic thanksgiving post.

anyway, i'm not ashamed. this is who i am. a girl who loves trying to teach herself to dance even though she really is pretty sucky at it.

in better news, the the friend dating the doctor may have mentioned that she has friends who are in need of antibiotics every so often. "i'll write them prescriptions" spilled out of his mouth before she had a chance to even ask for it. hallelujah for UTI-curing drugs without a costly doctor visit. on a related note, i'd say close to 50% of the people who find this blog through word searches are looking for info on UTIs. i'm not sure how/when i became a UTI clearinghouse but ive seriously never gotten rid of one of those things without meds. rather, i've never waited long enough with one to see if it would go away without cipro or something similar. sorry ladies!

did i mention i'm soon going for the whole pork butt (bo ssam) at ssam bar? i think i probably mentioned it but am too lazy to go back and check. also, i'm excited enough about it that it warrants two posts. all because i met some girl at a party of sam's and she's into wine and i'm into food and so we mesh. that happens a lot with sam. he's a huge jerk to women but he meets some really super cool girls. i'm always friends with them long after they've stopped talking to him.

(this is all unrelated but whenever i type or say "super cool" it comes out in a french accent due to this exchange student pierre that stayed with my friend jennifer in high school. he used to say it all the time. also, he was really pretty. he had a perfectly placed cindy-crawford-type mole. anyway it sounds like SOUP-erre koule and that's just what it sounds like in my head. and palaver always comes out pah-LAH-vah...anywhoo)

also, for those attractive folk known as "iphone owners" who are also twitter users, i highly recommend twitter fon as an app. easy to use and lets you do things that the mobile version of twitter doesn't, like, replying. turns out i've had lots of people replying to me and that i never saw a single one of them. curses!

2 people who played with me:

Blogger omar said...

TwitterFon is the shizz. So is Beyonce. UTI's probably aren't, though.

1/05/2009 2:13 PM  
Anonymous apricot tea. said...

I just wanted to tell you that I found your blog through a search on google about UTIs & sex. While I didn't find what I was looking for -- because of my past experiences with having UTIs frequently, I have now started to fear sex -- I am happy to know that I am not the only one. :]

1/14/2009 6:57 PM  

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