Tuesday, December 16, 2008

back to brunette, let it snow!

so the ugly holiday sweater party went off without a hitch. or so i thought. the gays actually hot glued lots of festive bows and ribbons to sweatshirts. colin had bells swinging about (actually a dangerous thing as lots of them got whacked in the head with them as he flailed). i had a hideous sweatervest that looked like a dress.

yesterday it was 60. today it is snowed these massively huge snowflakes. these things are the size of my fist. it's really strange. my office has a lot of windows and so it feels like we're inside a snow globe. a special commemorative "office space" edition of the snow globe.

my friend sam also had a party at his 5 million dollar tribeca apartment. he even bought those heating lamps that they use at outdoor restaurants for his patio. though, propane isn't sold anywhere in new york city or something so he had to have someone drive some in from jersey which is a pretty scary thing, actually. and probably illegal. but it was awesome to drink some phat wine out on a gorgeous terrace overlooking the hudson. also, his friend steve made the best chili i think i've ever had in my life. i would have stuffed myself with it had i not had to attend our annual "holiday sit down" at colin's place. latkes and artichoke dip, pork loin, brussels sprouts, wild rice, and creme brulee. he pretty much outdid himself.

my highlights weren't completely ready to be redone but they had lightened up so significantly that i looked nearly blond. went into my colorist who didn't respond to my initial texts because he thought i was this awful jasmine who used to see him at his old salon. he finally asked me which one i was and thus didn't have  to lie to me about being out of town or something to avoid my visit. phew! he likes me! but he deepened my color and added some richness and my hair hasn't been this dark in years. i feel reinvented or something. i know that sounds ridiculous but it's true.

went with justin to the holiday house this weekend. it's a stunning space (actually, for those who had the misfortune of seeing the sex and the city movie, it was used as carrie and big's apartment). but each room was designed by a different interior designer to represet a different holiday. they obviously ran short on holidays as "winter solstice" eeked its way into the portfolio. it was beautiful and fun and totally worth my tax deductible contribution. the only problem with the house wasn't actually a problem with the house. it was with the fact that i arrived early to the 'hood and stopped into YSL and fell head over heels with the "rive gauche" tote in anthracite. it had already been marked down twice and was still a cool grand. but it was so pretty. so, um, well, i made a phone call or two and arranged to make that purse mine. and i maybe got a deal. but maybe not. and so i maybe spent much less than 1K. so don't judge!

gave blood this weekend but because of my "tricky little veins" she dug around and left a huge bruise on my arm. this is a fairly regular occurence but that doesn't make it any less irritating. i should have a shirt made: "i took the time to donate blood and all i got was this gross bruise all over my arm."

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The new darker hair looks awesome.

And sasssssy.

12/17/2008 9:39 AM  

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