Friday, November 14, 2008

mtvu, recount

so biden chief of staff ron klain was played by kevin spacey in the HBO movie Recount. a few weeks ago my law school hosted this film forum and ron was there to talk about the film post-screening. it was actually fairly interesting. BUT the most annoying person in the world was sitting next to me. she came in 20 minutes late. opened candy wrappers the whole time. so trashy. and to add insult to injury, bitch asks a question once they open it to the floor. and by question i mean she opened up with something that went like this: "hi, my name is nadine johnson and i teach at john jay. i didn't watch this movie when it showed on hbo because i thought it looked boring but it was actually kind of interesting. well, my question is:  why did the bush people sue?"

so if you don't mind, i'm going to give a bit of a shout out here.

hey, nadine! how ya doing. first off, when you ask a question, nobody wants to hear you talk about yourself. you're really not that important. second, when you ask a question, maybe have it be a smart question. not a question that was explicitly answered in the film (bush camp filed to bring the case to federal court). but oh! maybe you missed that part because you were 20 minutes late! oh, and you know what is also rude? taking flash photography with your ghetto camera when people are obviously trying to have a civilized discussion. it's distracting.

i went to the MTVu Woodie awards this week. a friend called with a last minute VIP pass which means we got to hang out on the upper level and eat (excellent fries and buffalo chicken satay) and get free drinks and basically had permission to not give a shit about watching the show. vampire weekend performed, as did santogold but don't even ask if i knew who any of the other bands were. ithaca college did get some award for their music radio station. holla! someone in our group actually said, "hey! i have them in my ipod!" when some bad called "all time low" performed. he pulled it up to prove that he had two whole albums from them. right above that? amy grant. right below them? belinda carlisle. and yes, he was gay.

julie has a quinceanera tonight. the 16th anniversary of her quinceanera. it reminds me of the time i was asked to be a "bridesmaid" or something in a girl's quinceanera in high school. it was a girl that i had a single class with and talked to her maybe twice in my life. at the time, i thought she was crazy and weird. looking back, i think of how sad it was she had no other friends to stand up with her on her big day.

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Hi, I'm Peter DeWolf. I wasn't going to comment on this post because it looked boring, but now that I've read it...

And you emailed me during Santogold's performance! Yay!

11/14/2008 11:35 AM  

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