Saturday, November 08, 2008

working all weekend: boring

so a few people have e-mailed or commented to say they couldn't tell cadiz and i apart in this here audio.

when in doubt: i'm the one laughing, sighing, or pulling the classic jasmine: laughing and then sighing loudly. i'm also the one saying "like" or "whatever" a million times. i'm the WORST!

i have a happy shoe story. once upon a time a fair princess stopped into the Juicy store on Bleeker with her gays. it was there she laid her eyes upon a pair of perfect flats. "do you have a 6.5 in these?" "the only ones we have left in the store at the moment are the ones on this mannequin. let me check what size they are. oh! they're a 6.5! it's fate!" and lo, it was. they were the comfiest flats that had ever graced her feet. "but how much are these flats?" she asked. "$225. and they're the leather ones which never go on sale." so the princess left, dejected. but she made a note in her trusty iphone of the make/model of the shoe so she could keep an eye out for them on ebay. well, when the princess was in chicago this past weekend she visited the most beauteous playland of all called "nordstrom rack." and it was within the walls of this magical place, the rack, that she saw them. price? $80. she bought them and lived happily ever after. or until she finds another pair of overpriced shoes to lust over. the end!

speaking of magical places, i had a shopping spree at target. part of me wishes we had one in the city. the other part of me realizes that it would be even more run-down and understocked than the ones in brooklyn and the bronx. but i got so many clothes and shoes there and spent $109.

i saw a guy on the train reading an even older issue of the new yorker than i was. and i found myself judging him for it. which makes me hypocritical. but also, makes me think i'd like to find a man who has the discipline to finish a nyer on time.

i saw a small jewish girl approach a big gangsta looking (sports jersey, jeans crotch hanging near his ankles) guy in the times square subway station today. i thought, "oh, do they know each other?" and then i see her take a gatorade bottle from him and yell thanks at him behind her shoulder as she walked on. she actually stopped a stranger to have him open a bottle for her. it thought it was funny. but then i thought, "damn, i'd be so embarrassed if i had to stop someone to get a bottle opened for me. i'd feel so weak." but i suppose feeling weak is a small price to pay for re-hydration.

good news! kinda! i have a sauna! in my very own apt! and by sauna, i really mean my roommate's room who has her heating unit on so high that she walks around in boyshorts and a tank top all night. if my electric bill goes up so much as $5 we're going to have to talk.

2 people who played with me:

OpenID peterdewolf said...

Let us discuss this scantily-clad roomie some more.

11/10/2008 7:32 AM  
Blogger cadiz12 said...

people are telling me that, too.
i guess i should have just used my normal higher-pitched voice and vowed not to listen to myself later.

11/10/2008 12:17 PM  

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