Wednesday, November 12, 2008

off my game

working weekends totally throws me off my game. every day feels like it should be a friday now because my body SWEARS that it should have had a weekend by now.

i work right near bryant park and have seen so many cute guys walking around with skates down there. i'm thinking i should make skating my new "lunch go-to" activity.

for that commenter who left a novella in the comments re: blacks voting for prop 8, see here. so it wasn't just blacks. latinos helped. but the jews? the jews are okay with teh gays.

went to some party at BCBG where the proceeds of all sales went to help people in malawi. nice concept but nobody was buying a damn thing. also, the gift totes (khaki faux-worn-out bags that, i suppose, were meant to resemble a bag you'd use if you were hanging out in an impoverished country?) were pretty lame. all that aside, plenty of celebrities there. graham bunn from the bachelorette was there! first, his whole angle on the show was that he was a basketball player. dude is petite. but then again, it was European basketball which is so second class as far as those things go. also, isn't bunn the cutest last name ever? it evokes all good things. bunnies, honey buns, hot cross buns, classic hair styles. so anyway, he was twee, but handsome and his date was hot even though her boobs looked all sorts of unnatural.

afterwards we went to this CRAZY chinese place. no ambiance to speak of but a friend really loves it. he's blind though so he has no idea what this hole looks like and i find that funny. we all took a few minutes to examine the menu and were told we were "bad decision makers!" and so as he was chastising us, he's also telling us what we'll have. pushy! yet hilarious! and just before our food came out he comes over to yell, "food about ready to come out! get ready! you not ready!" as he's whipping our napkins from the table and putting them on our laps. and the food was weird. it tasted good but looked really heinous. the meat looked like it had been reconstituted 10 times and we were left with fake wormy-looking chicken and pork. again, the blind friend is lucky he doesn't have to look at the food he's ingesting. while emily and i couldn't decide whether we wanted a bottle of wine or just glasses he yelled, "bottle!" and ran off before we could tell him if we'd wanted otherwise and then before half the bottle was consumed they're coming by to yell, "we closed! bye bye!" which they did about 3 times as we chugged a terrible pinot grigio. so basically, it was an experience.

WTF world? it's only wednesday?

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OpenID peterdewolf said...

What serving size of wine did you partake in before writing this post?

11/12/2008 8:57 AM  
Blogger cadiz12 said...

i totally hear you about not having a weekend. it's felt like friday every day for about 3 weeks!

11/12/2008 12:13 PM  

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