Monday, November 17, 2008

george michael, pomegranates, improv

so the weird dreams are still coming. this time i was going all these places but i was obsessed with pomegranates. granted, i'd just purchased one at the store, but man! i must have wanted it badly if i couldn't stop dreaming about picking seeds out of one.

i got a super good deal at whole foods. i'm reluctant to post about it because next thing you know, someone from their media dept will have sent a memo out nationwide about how to NOT do this thing that someone did that enabled me to get a shitload of free food. yeah, i'm totally not telling this story. e-mail me if you want to hear about it. it involves kale.

having a super fancy lunch at my favorite restaurant tomorrow. nyc is having a bit of a recession-inspired restaurant week so that means three courses for $24.00 baby! whoooo hoooo!

the one consistent thing about my commute each morning is that i will have to listen to some dumb fuck's music all the way to times square. sometimes that person is 2 feet from me, sometimes they're a good 12 feet away with their earbuds just blasting and barely in their ears. usually this music is loud and rappy or sometimes latiny with lots of horns. today? today was careless whisper by george michael, my first known crush. guy listening to it was a pudgy-ish latino buisness-looking dude in his late 30's. it was the first time i didn't mind having to hear someone else's music on the train down.

i am completely obsessed with this stunt by the improv everywhere gang. the looks on these people's faces is just so priceless.

i mean, i really love barack and michelle. i pretty much always have. they gave this interview once where she talked about how barack dragged his feet on marriage. that he'd said, "yeah, i didn't place a whole lot of weight on the institution of marriage for myself" or something similarly intellectualized. and then comes michelle, "yeah, well if you think i'm going to wait around, you've got another thing coming. if you want to keep me, i better see a ring." she's so real. and he's so wonky in an absent-minded professor kind of way. this here is another example of that.

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