Friday, October 10, 2008

new roommates

so cassandra, the lovely quiet girl who'd been living with me for over a year finally got a big enough promotion to afford to move. she was the one in the livingroom, which i have to walk through to get to my room. it sounds like a crazy situation but "railroad" apartments in nyc abound and i was charging almost nothing for the room. rachel, the actress who'd just moved into the big room also gave her 1 month's notice at the same time. her good friend had an unexpected room open in a place in brooklyn. poo!

so i was left to find two roommates at the same time which actually worked out swell. i posted cassie's room first and found a girl in FL to take it on pictures alone. some polish girl responded to that ad, came and looked at the bigger room and took it. in all, the quickest most painless roomie hunt on the record.

so they moved in the night before i left for turkey. the house was spotless.

on my return: the bathroom was filthy. polish girl was coming out of the bathroom and there was wet hair stuck all over the shower wall. there was junk all over the kitchen table (dishes and things that there is plenty of cabinet space for) and there were bags of food on the floor (potatoes, rice, onions, etc.). someone started knocking on the door, then they started ringing the doorbell which is when i heard it from my room (the one furthest from the front door). i get up to get it and they're both still sitting in their rooms.

lack of common sense is one of the things that i have a very low tolerance for. there were several things i felt like yelling through the apt:

1.) we are in new york, you cannot keep food on the floor!
2.) i've been gone over a week! why haven't you put your dishes away!
3.) don't leave hair on the bathroom wall! (turns out that FL had left it there by accident but the polish girl showered and decided not to clean it up. who does that?)
4.) if someone is at the door, answer it!

but at the end of the day, i'm hardly ever home. i've made them both agree to chip in for a cleaning person. and i sent out a polite little note to full of "administrative things" about living in our apartment. "hey, i know that you guys may not be expecting anyone but if you hear someone pounding on the door, or ringing the doorbell, please answer it. sometimes it's the neighbor with a package. sometimes it's coned coming to read the meter. basically, they're probably knocking for a reason. thanks."

oy. what i do for cheap-ass living in new york city.

also, my grocery store is now overrun, FILLED, with white people. WHITE PEOPLE! this does not bode well. as much as i wanted to kiss the people who put a starbucks in my 'hood, they are the same people attracting all these hipster folk. and the same folks who are going to make my neighborhood too expensive for me to live in within 3 years.

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Blogger cadiz12 said...

i remember reading about the last time you were looking; this one sounds painless to get but a little bumpy at the start. hope it gets better!

10/10/2008 11:16 AM  

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