Thursday, October 02, 2008

wheeldon, upcoming

saw chris wheeldon, wonderkind choreographer, formerly of the new york city ballet. he's got his own company now which is performing to mixed reviews, mostly because expectations are that be be BRILLIANT at EVERYTHING! ALL the TIME! in other words, he's being held to a standard that just not realistic. but i'd heard good things about this newest program. the first piece, polyphonia i loved. it starred the legend wendy whalen. wheeldon's new piece, commedia, was entertaining enough. i wasn't absolutely moved by it but it was certainly sweet. but best of all, costumes were done by isabel toledo! i fell in love with isabel and her husband ruben after reading a profile of them in the new yorker a couple years back. i'm just so obessed with them. and with isabel's dresses, no matter that i'll never be able to afford one. but they were at the performance last night and seeing them in person made me squeal. loudly. and then i had to run away because i was afraid someone had heard me. needless to say, i did NOT have the composure to go introduce myself. i'm regretting it already.

this weekend has lots of fun stuff. some new yorker festival events. some open house new york events. finally, FINALLY seeing august osage county this weekend.

and i'm nervous for the debates. i'm nervous she'll somehow pull it out. i'm nervous biden will gaffe. i'm nervous he won't call her out on her gibberish. i'm nervous he will and people will decry his bully-dom. and she can't name a single paper she reads. if you actually read newspapers, you KNOW which ones you read. i know which ones i read, which order i read them and with what regularity. yet, somehow, she reas "all of them" and still didn't know what the bush doctrine was. this woman is not for real. when is christopher guest going to come out and tell us this is just another of his mockumentaries?

this made me laugh:  Gooch speculates on how she would answer if asked how she spells her name:

Oh, you know... pretty much the way you would.  It's a very common name, you know, not --  I mean a lot of people have heard one like it.  I spell it the same way I always, the way my mother taught me, just like you and everybody else.  There's this, you know, crazy perception that we, Alaska, you know we spell just like everyone does.  It's not this strange foreign country unlike Washington.  But, you know, like, I, you know, I get it--this gotcha journalism we all have to deal with these days.  Plus, you know I can see that Russian guy in the morning from where I live. Nkay?

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Blogger Cousin said...

The NY'er fest lineup is ok, but not as good as past years. I'd go for the Tobias Wolf panel -- wonderful, no-gimickly writer he.

10/02/2008 10:42 AM  

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