Monday, September 29, 2008

lentil soup, the happy cabby, fall for dance

atrios always starts these items, "meanwhile," and that couldn't ring more true than it does these days. hey, i know palin is a freaking mess. and that the economy is going to shit. but, meanwhile, we're still in a war and lots of people are still dying. i know it's not fun to think about and that there's no positive spin because no, we shoudn't even be in this war to begin with and no, the problems in iraq aren't going to be solved on our watch and no, we're not winning this war. we need to bring our people home.

friday night was a dinner party at my friend sam's where i tried to watch the debate. big mistake. having it on made people think it was okay to interject every 5 minutes with ignorant comments. do. not. want.

emily's friend christiano showed up. he's the one that she sells warhol's through. he's italian, sober, lanky, dreary and all he talks about is sex. and trying to have sex with emily (he's married. she's engaged) or trying to get me and emily to check into the ritz with him for an evening. at first, i found him funny. his act died hard. now he's just an annoying one-trick-pony. i was annoyed that mccain seemed to have done well in the debates. better, i thought, than obama. (i'm happy to see that post-debate polling has proven me wrong.) but tipsy, i told emily i was leaving. christiano said he was leaving too. not trusting him to behave himself i sent myself down the elevator without waiting for him and a cab was right there waiting. my driver? the happy cabby. the happy cabby made sure to announce himself, play music as loud as possible, and talk a lot about how he wanted everyone to be happy! was i happy?! i should be happy! we should dance! and he literally wouldn't be happy himself until he thought i was boogieing sufficiently in the back seat. "google me! i'm famous!" and sure enough, several happy cabby youtube clips pop up. though it was late and the music loud, at least it was all good late 80's early 90's stuff and i found myself digging it in spite of myself or my annoying evening. he made me fist bump, insisted i "blow it up." nice, if strange, ending to an evening.

i made lentil soup for lunch this week. it is a family recipe by way of kate's mom. it's one of the first foods i ever remember being infatuated with. i've known kate since i was 9 and it was probably shortly thereafter where i first had it. easier than pie, it has a standard base. some thyme, bay leaves, chicken stock, sauteed leeks and garlic, some smoked sausage, celery and topped of with fresh spinach. shiz is GOOD. men should want to marry me just to get the recipe for this soup. THAT's how good it is people.

last week was several fall for dance performances at the city center. i fucking love FFD. it's a series of dance concerts with 5 or so different companies a night and all the tickets are $10. how's that for accessability?! every year i fall in love with a new company/piece. this year Richard Siegal/The Bakery performance of "The New 45" totally rocked my world. danced by Ayman Harper and Mario Zambrano and set to recordings by Oscar Peterson and Clark Terry (you want weirdness? that post about seeing clark terry also has my writeup of last year's FFD...WEIRD!), Harry Belafonte and Benny Goodman. these boys moved and made you laugh. where there was bass, they moved to the plucks. their feet like fingers over the piano. expertly performed and really really funny, i just enjoyed this so so much. what i also loved were a group of make hula dancers from hawaii called The Gentlemen of Hälau Nä Kamalei. there was one guy in particular who they stupidly (or rather, quite smartly) put in the back row who had an 8 pack that i wanted to lick. he was beyond delicious. i found myself staring at him and salivating in a way that wasn't healthy. which is probably why he was put all the way back there. he's distracting. and yummy. so so yummy.

this week: the new yorker festival! my favorite time of year...

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Blogger Peter said...

Dude, the Happy Cabby is AWESOME.

9/30/2008 7:13 AM  
Blogger Cousin said...

As a non-fan of Obama's who caught the debate on radio, I thought he did very well -- it's not fair but he has quite a tightrope to walk: can't get too angry or he plays into the "angry black man" stereotype, can't get too folksy or he's phony and condescending, can't get too intellectual or he's aloof, etc.

The CTA had this one driver who created a "happy bus," including handmade paper plates with yellow happy-faces on it dangling from the roof.

Now allow a killjoy moment from an old (well, middle-aged fogey). You kids better be maxing out your 401(k) or IRA contributions with all this dining and cabbing going on (the limit on the latter increases by $1K for this year and the way interest rates are and the stock market has gone, that's a very good thing).

Oh, and did you know 401(k)/IRA funds survive bankruptcy? So if you have a rainy day fund, think of that as your hurricane fund.

You're welcome (or same to you -- depends on the reaction).

9/30/2008 8:57 AM  

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