Tuesday, September 30, 2008

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apologies in advance for such a link-heavy post.

so jewish boy genius? finally making that city office run. and no need to wonder where his big head comes from, stuff like this abounds. in my own defense, that nymag picture of him isn't at all flattering. he's better looking in person. and i swear that IRL he has some semblance of a neck.

went to a totally lovely cabaret at birdland.* the show was for a guy alex gemignani who is starring in the next sondheim show with michael cerveris, directed by john doyle. alex was great but he had this thing where he would sing a solitary line of a song and i'd gasp and look at bri and say, "oh i love this song!" and before the sentence was out of my mouth, he was onto another song. it was a jazz standard remix. which was fun, but left me totally unsatisfied. while talking to the sondheim crew, michael made the mistake of mentioning the bailout FAIL and i went off re:subprime mortgage backed securities. i'm sure i bored them both to death. you just can't get me started on national politics. i should put that on a tatoo on my forehead so that other people know what they're getting into before they even think about mentioning things that happen in D.C.

i'd actually met cerveris YEARS back at a pub on restaurant row with my roommate at the time. all i remember is having shot after shot of sambuca forced on me by tony, the leather-vested irishman who owned the bar. and instead of talking about theatre, which is the only reason i'm familiar with cerveris' work at all, he did nothing but talk about his band. and his adorable dog. which all goes to prove that all guys, deep down, just want to be rock stars.

so am i crazy if i'm thinking that now would be a great time to sink a few grand into the stock market? i don't have that much to blow but you have to look at some of these securities and KNOW they're undervalued. what say you? and safe bets? i worry about my grandparents who have most of their income in stocks. i know that no matter how diversified their portfolio, these asshole CDOs ended up everywhere. also, maybe this wouldn't be the worst time to try to convince them to vote democratic. it hasn't gone over so well in the past and since IL is going blue for my man BHO no matter what it might not be worth the cause. on the other hand, this shit going on right now is affecting them 100 times more than me, and not for the better. old people, no matter how vaguely racist they may be, should be voting for a republican these days.

i CANNOT wait for thursday's debate. biden is obviously in a tough position. has to seem masterful without looking like a bully. but really, this woman cannot speak in complete sentences. i'd kill for somebody, ANYBODY to say to her during these interviews: "i have no idea what you just said. i cannot understand what you're saying!" at least, at the very least, some of those middle americans are catching a whiff of how stupid this woman is. and even if she's not a total moron, she's just ridiculously ignorant of this game she's decided to play. she is really terribly in over her head and she doesn't seem to see it.

*unrelated to anything, the place in the woods at music camp where we'd all go to make out was called birdland...good times. also, yes, i totally went to music camp. shut it.

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Blogger Peter said...

I'd be lying if I tried to tell you that I didn't hee hee at "music camp."

9/30/2008 6:44 PM  
Blogger Cousin said...

No offense to your grandparents but they shouldn't be in stocks close to retirement. Most retirees who got out of the market actually have benefited from the current chaos: the dollar is strengthened (it will plunge once the bailout goes through), gas prices went down, inflation is in check.

Stocks are fine but I'd do it in the form of a Roth IRA (presuming you've fully funded /your IRA/401(k) already). You'll thank me one day -- I'll be dead, but you'll still thank me!

10/01/2008 2:04 PM  

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