Monday, September 08, 2008

fashion shows, nyer festival

first: some bad polls out today. i typically hate polling, never think it's much good but at the end of the day, there's always a couple that get it close. you just never know which ones they'll be. however, whenever i start to think, "okay, gas prices/war/economy seem to have been the eureka subjects that republicans needed to wake up and realize that a democrat will do a better job of running this country." and the way obama led, i started to believe that we had a fairly good chance. then you get a religious zealot on the ticket and all the evangelicals go gaga and now all anybody cares about is getting a woman in office and how she's pro-choice. nobody cares that she's holed up in a basement looking over flashcards to try to remember who the leaders are of foreign countries. you know, like the ones obama and biden have met with and have relationships with? yeah, those. oh, and it seems she also doesn't know anything about the housing crisis either. GREAT. just fucking perfect.

the preen fashion show was just as you'd think it'd be. lots of stark whiteness. lots of press. even more socialites. (max drummy from chester french's wife was there. i happened into a front row seat. i can't tell how i got it so don't ask. and i sat mere feet away from leigh lezark of famed dj trio "the misshapes." the girl in the fuzzy coat and orange shoes did look just as stupid in person as she does in the dozen or so photos in which she appears.) good champagne passed out at the door softened the harshness of the judgmental crowd and also the sadness of having a crappy giftbag that held little more than a bottle of aveda shampoo. as for the clothes: tight little dresses, lots of cut-outs and sheer fabrics. some pretty cool billowy denim stuff. some ethereal pastel ruffles towards the end. mostly though, i thought about how i could see almost every models nipples as they walked by (either due to placement of said mesh or due to thinness of white fabric). also, their heels were busted. like, bruised, blistered, black disgustingness. reminds you that though their job looks fairly easy, they're doing a whole hell of a lot of walking. walking in shoes that are tearing up their feet. and yet walk, they must. i don't have real sympathy for them as i saw them all leaving with bags that contained the dresses they wore. nice that they got to keep their stuff, all of which was probably 5K and up.

got a cut/highlights done. my colorist is working on the marc jacobs show today. dying lots of eyebrows. fashion designers are silly.

now onto our "white people problem of the day": schedule for the new yorker festival is out and i'm conflicted. first, there is no "in conversation" with david remnick this year. it was always easy to pick the GO TO event when you just saw what his name was next to. this year he's doing only a friday town hall which i'll likely go to because it's an intersesting topic. saturday at 4pm you have discussions with 1.) elizabeth edwards, 2.) chuck hagel, 3.) liev schreiber/ethan hawke/kristen johnson on shakespeare and 4.) political humor with samantha bee/john oliver. all 4 of those i'd love to go to but they all knock each other out. the one left standing? probably political humor. mostly because i have a girl crush on samantha bee and also because i think john oliver is adorable. i once saw him standing on a corner waiting for someone in hell's kitchen. i had a major internal debate about whether i should accost him and tell him i loved him. or loved his work. or some combination thereof. on one hand, i'm a new yorker. new yorkers don't go up to famous people to talk to them. not even a d-list character on political news show on cable. new yorkers contine walking and pretend they saw nothing. on the other hand, he's cute and i'm a single not-so-bad-looking girl with not-so-small boobs. but in the end, the "new yorker" in me conquered the "single girl" in me so i walked on. 7:30 is a conversation with stephen colbert, who i adore, but i saw him at the 92nd St Y, and predict much of the conversation will overlap. sunday has murakami and rushdie in the same time slot. ugh.

headed to lovely san fran this weekend but i checked the weather and it's freezing there! like, 55-75 degrees. which, i admit, isn't freezing but it's totally, "bring a scarf and sweater and find your boots" weather. meh. although i do have an excellent fall wardrobe, my mind is just not in a place to start defining what fall fashion should be. people who don't care much will think that's a ridiculous statement. they'd be right.

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