Tuesday, September 02, 2008

on palin

there's been some gold out there.

check out who the real VP will be

mark lisanti here.

a classic alex balk takedown of norm coleman: "The alternate title to this post was "Hey, Norm, suck my fucking wang, you hypocritical piece of shit, you should be ashamed of how bankrupt you are in your soul that you're even trying to trot this crap out there, you fucking moral pygmy," but that seemed a little strident."

total weirdness re: palin's water breaking and how she flew from texas to AK afterwards and delivered trig in AK. first, who flies at 8 months? second, who flies after their water breaks?! i'm not sure i'm quick to believe the the downs baby is actually her daughter's. trig was born 4.5 months ago. it is literally possible for her daughter to be almost 4 months pregnant AND to have given birth to trig. just sayin...

my head almost explodes every time i read palin's statement about her daughter's choice to keep the baby. hey, bitch, if it were up to you, she wouldn't even have a choice! and then you tout that decision as some kind of affirmation of your pro-lifeness rather than the appreciation that you even had an option. fuck you!

and i can't help but wonder what the result would be if one of the obama girls were 17 and pregnant. (i'll note that children who have a safe-sex education are far less likely to have unwanted pregnancies so the obama girls, daughters of democrats, are less likely to be young and knocked up in the first place.) but you know the GOPers would be ALL OVER this shit, talking about how because they're black, they can't raise children properly or some other such nonsense. republicans suck. they just do.

my thoughts? anyone who, in this day and age, doesn't believe in evolution OR global warming is a morons. anyone who thinks that abstinence-only education works is in denial. people who think that abstinence-only education works and who have daughters that are underaged, unmarried and pregnant, must be mentally handicapped. anyone who has done little more than mayor of a town the size of my high school is unqualified to serve as VP.

thus, i believe she's a moron in denial or flat out mentally handicapped and obv highly unqualified to take this position. not to mention the fact she is possibly already lying about something and maybe was part of a group that doesn't want to be part of the USA to begin with. and that doesn't even touch the fact that i know more about foreign policy than she does.

in all, a terrifying pick. but thank fucking god the MSM isn't letting mccain off the hook for this one. mccain proved with one swift move that MSM does have a limit to the amount of BS they'll peddle and that he certainly crossed it.

as much as a snake i think lieberman is, he's no fool. rumor has it that 85% of the qualified candidates for the job didn't get it because they were pro-choice. hey GOP, maybe it's time to re-organize your priorities when it comes to this issue.

people keep whispering eagleton and all i can say is i hope this plays out just as badly for mccain but i doubt it. GOPers, again and again, get free rides when it comes to their party's scandals. as a democrat, some would say i should be pleased with this pick. but  let's assume that mccain wins. his palin pick just really freaks me out. she's so unqualified and unknowledgable that having her lead one of the most important countries of the free world is downright dangerous. honestly, i'm terrified. she's energizing those scary religious right-wingers and they're donating in droves.

throw some money obama's way to make sure this sideshow duo doesn't make it anywhere near the white house.

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Blogger Alexandra said...

now now... maybe her daughter is just a horney little thing that likes it better without the condom. there's no need to accuse her of lacking sex education.

republicans or democrats they're all just tools of a rich 'uncle' lets not kid ourselves

9/03/2008 3:00 AM  
Blogger Cousin said...

Interestingly, during this time the Chicago Sun-Times ran a front page story about part of Michelle Obama's job at University of Chicago Hospital was a program to keep poor black people from going to their emergency room. Thank goodness the MSM wouldn't run with stories like that when there's teen pregnancies to report! Palin is a neanderthall and every bit the foreign policy dope you say, but on one score she beats Obama to a pulp: honest government. Palin rose to power by attacking the corrupt Alaska GOP machine. Her anti-corruption record isn't as clean as her proponents make out, but compare her record with Obama and the Chicago Machine. While she was attacking the governor and senior senator, Obama didn't just stay mute on the Chicago Machine, he rode it to power and then helped deliver us the likes of Todd Stroger.

That said, I wish Palin's pick was the kiss of death for McCain's candidacy. Alas, the memory of Lloyd Bensten's vice presidency conviences me otherwise!

9/03/2008 10:34 AM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

Hey, Jazz, thx for the link, and happy birthday.

(I know it's weird to track down one's links...I only do it occasionally.)


WS (the ham sandwich guy)

9/03/2008 6:52 PM  

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