Friday, September 05, 2008

what palin says v. the truth

find the full thing here. it's an exhaustive list, considering how short a period she's been in politics and how she's only been on the national stage for a blink of an eye. she's a natural liar. in other words, your average shitty republican.

jon stewart reminded me why i'm in love with him. watch here.

her speech was exactly what it needed to be, what republican speeches often are: mean, spiteful and speaking down to the lowest common denominator. assuming everyone you're talking to is a moron and lying without regret.

for someone who hasn't been around that long, she's awfully good at this game.

i also want to note, that i have a lot of republicans in my family and they're not all assholes. it's really the people who are the faces of the party. look at the peggy noonan live mic gaffe to prove my point. woman reports shit she doesn't even believe and people are supposed to trust her as a journalist. those at the top that are just the WORST. oh, and gay republicans. they really suck too. self-righteous twinks.

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Blogger Cousin said...

I dunno Jazz -- I think a lot of Obama supporters have a tin ear for just how much meaness has come out of their side of the campaign. Let me tell you something, I'm a lifelong democrat and also the co-legal guardian of a severely handicapped sibling. You know what most people do with severely handicapped kids? They either abort them or they stick them in a home. It's a tough choice, but to ATTACK Palin for not being a SAHM of her Downs Syndrom son as many of Obama's supporters have done made me -- and should have made any woman regardless of ideology -- pissed to hell. Especially given that Joe Biden tragically found himself a single parent soon after winning his senate seat (his wife and one son were killed in an auto accident) and nobody would think of criticizing him. Talk about rank sexism. And every time I hear about how "mean" the GOP is, I think about what Obama did to Alice Palmer, his onetime mentor, a decent woman who didn't deserve his backstab. Hey, all's fair in love and politics, but the double standards applied to Obama are reaching unseen heights. Jazz, put yourself in Palmer's position and ask what your opinion of Obama would be. Ask how his challenges were that different from what Karl Rove did in 2000 in Florida (all technically legal but utterly gaming the system) If the ideological differences weren't so great and important it would be difficult to vote for anyone whose "judgment" led him to endorse the likes of Todd Stroger, Dorothy Tillman, Rod Blagojevich, etc., etc. Alas, they are, but one day the young people falling over themselves for this guy are going to realize what cheap dates they've been.

9/05/2008 1:15 PM  

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