Wednesday, August 27, 2008

a bit on politics: kind of rant and ravey

re: vp, i wanted to like sebelius. and i know she's done/is doing great work in her state but i'm consistently disappointed by her public appearances. i'd say that shouldn't matter but it does. a whole hell of a lot. public perception is everything in this game. in fact, it's probably the only reason mccain still polls over 40%, because he looks tough, experienced and acts like the straight shooter he purports himself to be (regardless of whether i find his whiny little nasally voice completely irritating and think it makes him sound like a pedophile). i'm okay with biden. i think he and obama will get along swimmingly. they're both cocky/arrogant as hell but they both have the brains and the humility to back it up. neither of them knows what it means to own 7-10 houses. they have good families and i like their wives. also, i love a good doodie joke.

this race is close for some reason and i don't understand why the MSM isn't highlighting the insanity of it. we're talking about a really old, possibly sick dude who, in the past 5 years, has changed his position (i thought the MSM loved flip-flops! oh, wait, only when dems do it? really? that's strange...) on almost every single platform issue he has. so we've got all these people who've heard that mccain believes X and other people thinking mccain supports X's polar-opposite. and they're both right, he's believed both. and nobody seems to have a problem with this? these are people in ignorance bubbles. he has no idea what to do with the economy. and even in foreign policy, where his supposed expertise lies, he can't even remember which countries exist and which factions we've been in a war with for the last 5 years. leahy needs to talk louder, MSM can't hear him. he supports a position on iraq that not even the bush administration or the iraqi government supports any longer.

oh wait, does he support a timeline now that everyone else does? the one he so ridiculed obama for? frankly, i can't be bothered to look up whether he's for it or against it because however he feels, it'll probably change in a few weeks time. he's leaf in the wind, this dude. whichever way the wind blows...

i'd love it if the MSM started noticing. they'll probably continue to take a blind eye, FTW. but srsly, the repubs play on a completely different plane. they're always stupid and nasty so the media doesn't even realize it anymore. i mean, the indicted-for-bribery ted (the internet is a series of tubes) stevens won his freaking primary! oh, right. i forgot. republicans have no regard for the law and don't care about crime unless it has to do with some dude being gay because gayness? SO MUCH WORSE than, say, attempted rape.

i'm finding myself having less and less patience with republicans. i used to take them all with a grain of salt, tell myself we're each entitled to our own opinions. my grandparents are republicans and they still loved and took care of me so i owe it to them not to chide them too much for it. and i used to mentally segment out fiscal republicans from social republicans. "if you don't want to be taxed so much, and you think the gov't is putting to waste the money you are giving them, okay. i get that and i don't entirely disagree." and really i'd save my hate for those social republicans. "oh, you vote republican because you're anti-choice? and don't like gays? oh, and you're really super religious, huh? well too bad you're probably going to hell." but lately, my patience has worn thin. i think it's just the urgency of now. the fact that the environment is in a terribly perilous state, that the economy is just a shit-hole, that we're STILL in this goddamn war. i just don't see any excuse, whatsoever, for you to vote for a GOPer. we have more important things to worry about than your tax dollars, which btw, you'll probably pay less of under obamas tax plan than mccains, fwiw.

so that's where i'm at right now. carry on!

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