Saturday, August 30, 2008

so, a birthday

i'm turning another year older on today. the weird thing is that most my friends are older than me and when people ask how old i am i keep saying, "28" and then follow it with, "no, wait, sorry. i'm 27, i'll be 28 in august." why i've been so anxious to add another digit is beyond me.

for the long weekend i've headed upstate where we'll hopefully make a pit stop in ithaca where i can go to my beloved viva and eat their magnificent taco salad with salsa buttermilk dressing. on our way up, we stopped a chick-fil-a and sang mariah's "all I want for Christmas" on the way up. in other words, sucessful so far!

at work today I was surprised by my favorite entemanns doughnuts and we rode the carousel at bryant park. bonus points to the operator for not laughing at us. Ive never been so old but felt so young.   

otherwise, it'll be lounging on the lake, eating katie's mom's chocolate chip cookies and who knows what the guys and gals have in store for the birthday itself. that's information i'm not privy to but i sure hope it includes ice cream cake. not sure which of  my friends if any read the blog but coughmintchocolatechipcough.

looking back, this year was a fantastic one. full of great parties, THE MACHINE THAT FOREVER CHANGED MY LIFE more commonly known as the iphone, the lasik that also changed my life in ways i couldn't have imagined, amazing new clothes, obama-rockin', some beautiful weekends, steady work and lots of time with some of the greatest friends a girl could ask for. i'm just lucky and happy and grateful. not a bad place to be.

now to fit in all the traveling (and attempting to budget it): i have san fran booked in september, i want to fit in australia in feb. i have a wedding in turks and caicos in may and i'm trying to get to hong kong in august. i'm tired just thinking about it...

in other news piu! (who i actually have no idea is still blogging, if i can't put it in my reader i don't read it and hers is private) has moved to this fine city of mine so we'll finally get to meet after a couple years of e-mailing.

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Blogger omar said...

Happy Birthday!

8/30/2008 7:59 AM  
Blogger cadiz12 said...

that's exactly how i felt about turning 30. oh, i'm finally getting around to it? i thought that already happened.

hope it was a good one!

9/02/2008 11:36 AM  
Blogger Wags said...

happy birthday!

9/02/2008 1:46 PM  

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