Monday, April 28, 2008

i heart akram khan

i must start off with a hearty congratulations to the family on their new arrival. i can't wait for the day when she breaks his heart by not having any interest in lawncare. but until then, enjoy your new little girl!

i saw the akram khan company this weekend. they were amazing. AMAZING. anyone who has the chance to see them needs to get tickets to go. they were acrobatic and intense and funny. they just make dance exciting and inspiring...especially compared to the stuffy/stiff kirov ballet performance i saw two weeks ago which was all very prim and blah-diddy-blah-ish.

i was invited to the after party hosted at cozy underground turkish bar/restaurant where the food was awesome and the open bar included mojitos. i win.

except for when the real dancing started, at which point, i lost. mostly because as much as i love dancing, there's nothing like dancing with real dancers to make you feel clumsy and fat and ungraceful. on the upside, they were awesome and i could have watched them dance all night. i got two shows for the price of one (which is really the price of zero because my tickets to the concerts were comped, but i digress). also worth noting: i was in flip flops and a jersey dress and unforgivably dressed for such an event but was so distracted by their movements (also: my dancing mortification) that i could have cared less about my fashion faux pas. who'd have guessed?

my new crush (based on nothing but how sexy of a dancer he is) is sidi larbi cherkaoui. i love men that dance. LOVE.

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