Tuesday, April 22, 2008

sweet home

chicago was fine. a whole lot of sitting around doing nothing, which
is actually nice since i never "sit around and no nothing" here in new

i showed off the jesus phone to everyone, introducing him as my new

re: the grandparents...i zoomed in on the map to show my grandparents
the roof of their house and my grandfathers car parked in the driveway
and they didn't once scream at me to get out of their house lest the
satellite hear our conversation and steal their identities. (it always
boggles my mind that #1 fear of old people = identity theft since
they've likely never touched a computer or put their personal
information in any place where someone could hack and steal it.) they
also didn't cower in fear of their first sight of the internet (wheel
of fortune's website) or the fact that it played music.

i mentioned my summer share with emily and her fiancee and my grandma
says, "oh, you have a fiancee?" as if that's the way i'd choose to
tell them i was engaged. over a nonchalant conversation over beach

and just to spite them i wore my "barack the vote" t-shirt. my grandma
mentioned it and i said, "listen, i know you all hate him but i like
him a lot." my grandpa's response, "we don't hate him, we just don't
like any of them." i saw that as major progress from the time that i
bought my grandfather obama's grammy-winning audiobook just to have
him say, "jasmine, you have no idea how much we have to hear about
him. i'm sick of him!"

you're welcome grandpa! anytime! glad you like it!

we also had a conversation about healthcare, in which i discussed a
slightly perilous situation i've found myself in and how annoying the
system is. they complained about medicare and we talked about the
goodness of universal healthcare without me mentioning that it's a
regular part of the democratic platform. i had them nodding their
heads in agreement as i discussed the finer points of the canadian
system. there may be hope yet that i'll trick them into joining me
over on the left where they belong!

i also got som fab clothes at the rack (a hot hot ruffled wrap dress
in teal from DVF for $100).

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