Wednesday, March 12, 2008

ferraro + clinton = racists!


let me get this straight. the clinton camp makes it a favorite hobby to play the race card at every turn.

now they've got geraldine running her mouth, saying some horrendous shit: "obama is racist against white people!" (i mean, seriously, if he's racist...what is she?)

obama says, apprpriately: what the fuck?!

how does clinton respond? "mommy! obama is playing the race card! he started it!"

i realize spin is a natural excrement of these political campaigns (you know, according to mark penn, the only states that count are the ones she has won)...but this is just getting out of control.

and after all that, "well, obama says he's not muslim so i guess we should take him at his word" bullshit: clinton, you are a monster.

obama, hire samantha power back. i'd like to see what words she has for ferraro.

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Blogger Cousin said...

For what it's worth, Ferraro is sick (literally -- she's undergone numerous chemos). Doesn't excuse Clinton's insufficient distancing (or the fact that Obama really was the first to inject race -- his fundraiser at the Apollo couldn't have been more pure identity politics than if he had brought Eugene Pincham from Chicago to say any African-American who votes for Hillary should be hung. Ok, maybe that would have been a little more pure...) The problem with Clinton isn't that both sides play the race card but that she plays it worse.

But as for Samantha Power, you might not know her history, but she really is dispicable. Whether you agree or disagree with Obama on Darfur, Power built her entire career on taking the exact opossite position, and up until the moment she joined Obama's campaign she was in favor of the U.S. enforcing a no-fly zone in the region (a la pre-war Iraq). She sold-out for power on arguably the most important moral question of our day. Any honorable person in her position would have resigned from Obama's campaign the minute he said genocide was not the criteria for intervention and that "those of us who care about Darfur" didn't want U.S. intervention. And in that time about 100,000 more have died and who knows how many more have been raped.

3/12/2008 2:31 PM  
Blogger The Stormin Mormon said...

Hillary is truly getting desperate, and it's almost sad to watch.

3/15/2008 12:10 PM  

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