Tuesday, December 04, 2007

some updates

so my internet at home has been non-existant. and i know i promised a bunch of thanksgiving pictures but i can't get a connection long enough to upload them anywhere so you'll have to trust me that the balloons were big and hovering and that the food spread was, indeed, gorgeous.

i've been trying to catch up on my bloglines to all those blogs i have subscriptions to but lately that consists of me finding 10 new posts per person (curse you nablopomo!) and having to scan and not being able to comment at all. and that sucks.

started a new job a month ago but it sucked and i was miserable so quit that for another new job that is much better. but the case is an important one and though they're really nice at this firm and we have tons of windows and they keep giving us treats and it feels like christmas everyday...they are intensely serious. the stuff i'm looking at is incredibly complicated and we're pretty deep in the middle of a bunch of stuff that doesn't allow much messing around with blogs. i can check e-mail but can't often respond. i'm feeling incredibly disconnected, especially politcally. esp when my man obama seems to be gaining some ground in iowa.

but some catching up! the night before thanksgiving brian brought me to a party that one of his clients throws every year, same time, same place. there are always oodles of famous people there. george clooney was there two years ago and i was praying for a repeat appearance. no george this year but we did get nigel barker at whose sight i almost faint every single time i see him. heather graham was there wearing a dress that was totally unflattering and almost made her look pregnant even though she barely has any tummy at all. and then in walked heath ledger. but my first reaction was, "oh my god, that guy is ugly! oh. wait. that's heath ledger!" his hair was shoulder length and obviously hadn't been washed in 2 weeks. maybe three. half of it was up in a ponytail which left the rest to look stringy and gross down his neck. he had on little round john lennon-like sunglasses and a big yellow plaid jacket. he eventually took his jacket off and if you stared only at his face and ignored the shit on top of his head, he got better looking again. and then in walked john krasinski and rashida jones. and i thought, "i have to go get his picture. i could never face nadia and syar again if i didn't."

and then more famous people kept walking in. and the more famous people who were there, the bigger the idiot i look like if i walk up to someone asking for a picture like a goddamn tourist. this is a party for cool people and celebrities. i told my friends what i was considering and they all said that they would not speak to me for the rest of the evening if i went up to him to take his photo. obviously, i was between a rock and a hard place. and i was tortured inside over it. that is, until the bartender came over with tequila shots for us. after that, the rest of the night was a tad blurry. and there was a point where john was in a small group and i still thought, "okay, maybe now would be a good time." and then i started to feel a little queasy and imagined myself throwing up on "jim from the office" and walked in the other direction. quite a smart decision, if i don't say so myself.

then brian and i had to get up at like 6am the next day. i was still drunk when i woke up. but we donned our brightest clothes (me, a fluorescent pink v-neck sweater, brian a kelly green shirt) and we walked over to Macy's where we had VIP tickets to sit in the grandstands. we were on the Macy's side of the street which means the cameras were constantly on us, but also that every time a float with a musician stopped to perform, we saw nothing but the empty backside of the float. the balloons were huge and cool-looking, the weather was sunny and we were able to communicate with our friends that work there via faux sign language and texts revealing gossip about the people performing. in all, it was a totally cool experience.

in other news, i've done a lot of christmas shopping for no on other than myself. this newest job pays well and so i've, for some reason, felt free to drop several hundreds of dollars on whatever item happens to catch my eye, several times a day. you do not want to see my credit card bill. it is UGLY. but BOY do i have the cutest new fall/winter wardrobe.

a few fun characters at this new job...a guy who talks, constantly, about three things 1.) his mother 2.) high school and 3.) the television show Lost. i, myself, happen to love lost but i haven't said a single word about it because i just want him to shut up. for a whole minute. just once an hour is all i ask. there is also a stand-up comedian who walks around all day making bad jokes, trying to find things to add to his routine. these jokes are terrible. in other news, i think i'm silently formulating a stand up routine based on bad jokes about this comedian. it's very meta.

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My LOST theory is that the island is a legal sanctuary persuant to the one described in the old testament Book of Numbers (plug in "the numbers" and read the passage -- it even speaks of an Aaron).

Ooops, sorry.

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