Monday, November 09, 2009

blah blah eating, drinking blah ditty blah

had a kind of all-over, silly, drinking weekend.
julie and i started at our regular dive. some french people attacked us. but not really. they were just weird and too close. then one of them told julie to thank her parents for him for giving her such beautiful eyes. a nice sentiment, but a pretty convoluted compliment if i've ever heard one. then we met some lawyers. ick. and then they absolutely refused to believe i was a lawyer too. double-ick. but the evening ended with disco fries so all is well.
saturday was dinner at locanda verde with erika. we had a perfect, cozy little corner booth that faced out into the whole restaurant. we probably looked like we were on a date. that is, to everyone but the drunk man at the next table who started hitting on us when his wife went to the bathroom. "my wife's not happy with me. we always fight. i think we'll get a divorce. how old are you ladies? you've never been married? you live in the city? you come here often?" he'd scooted over to sit next to me on the booth and i kindly pointed back to his chair and told him he might want to head back there before his wife came back. men are dogs. oh, except for the always beautiful luke. our table actually gave us a great view for kitchen/luke watching. score. and....AND we got free dessert, compliments of a host there for reasons that are beyond me. i'd say i was a sort of regular there but i wouldn't expect anything for it. i'm happy for the good service, better food, and the gorgeous room to enjoy it all in. but anyways, who doesn't LOVE an affogato?!
then we headed to bobo, the GM there is a soho house alum and we gossiped about former staffers and tried to figure out which ones were the next ones to get visits from us. which are the new hotspots and who can get us into them. andy and erika reminisced about a chef that used to work there seriously courting erika. (he made her this crazy 10 course meal from food that wasn't nearly on the menu, i.e. think insanely high seafood towers, they didn't know each other well at the time but there's something to be said for people with that much passion/talent/genius. they're usually a tad crazy.) our favorite dancing busboy works there now too so it was good to see him as well. and the bartender was all, "oh, you know andy?" as he re-filled our carafe of sauv blanc, gratis. (i'm telling you, one year in the restaurant business and you're pretty much set for life in terms of restaurant goodies all over the city. it's like living off royalties.) for those that haven't been, bobo feels like someone's private townhouse. the dining room feels like a library/study and they have a small garden that's a perfect place for a date. in other words: go early and go often.
sunday was a glorious day with a park tour: highline to washington square, where we saw uma thurman and colin's brother said, "are you sure that's uma thurman? she looks homeless" (which she totally did, but don't all celebrities in nyc look that way?), to union square to pure where we lounged outside with sangria. then julie and i met up with the secret service high school dude and his roommates. they all have badges and we thoroughly enjoyed whipping them out and trying to make civil arrests. we wanted to be handcuffed but were not granted our wish. tacos at snack dragon and then hung in an empty bar playing with their jukebox till the wee hours.
and so today i'm exhausted. colin has been obsessed with this crazy looking woman that he found at attached to some article about the healthcare rallys or something. or a teabagging party. i'm not sure. what you do know is that this woman is trashy, dumb and ANGRY. so i had her put on a t-shirt for him which i seem to have done more for myself than for him since i can't stop laughing at it. i think i amuse myself too much.

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Anonymous I Get a Fever said...

Sounds like a packed and fabulous weekend (except for the loser men, I guess...). Loving your blog!


PS What is the deal with guys not believing that you're a lawyer? LAME.

11/10/2009 8:13 AM  

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