Friday, November 06, 2009

too. much. shopping...

ohmygod people. i cannot stop online shopping.
i bought more shoes. first came the black patent leather pumps (the ones i bought last year were bought in a severe crisis moment on the way to a holiday party. and when i say severe, i mean SEVERE because really, what holiday dress doesn't need patent heels. and so i had this awesome dress by some designer whose name i can't remember and it's killing me...anyhow, i bought black patent shoes that weren't even in my size and stuck toilet paper in the toes just so they'd fit. awful. i deserve a pair that fits me.) but there were like 10 styles and they all looked the same so i ordered 4 pairs so i could try them all on (there is nothing better than zappos free shipping both ways) and surprisingly, i did find one pair a bit sleeker and more comfortable than the rest. bravo! THEN there was that who what wear daily that showed every single woman on the planet wearing suede over the knee boots which meant, of course, an impulse buy at zappos. but they were cheap. and they kind of look it, but how many times am i going to really whip these things out? i like that the high boots feel like wearing pants since most your leg is covered but then WHAM, some leg! HOT.
then geren ford was on gilt groupe. BAD. i got the zip front sheath in navy and a perfect oatmeal colored bell-sleeved boatneck sweater.
then i decided i needed hats. a big-ass straw one for kenya so that i wouldn't burn all day and, while i was at it, a black wool trilby kind of thing because don't hats just pull together any outfit? won't it go great with my suede boots? the answers to these questions is YES.
as my friend rachel would say: i have a fever. she's got amazing taste, go visit and love all over her, will you?
then starbucks brought out the red cups which reminds me that i should start christmas shopping. and kate is having a girl so i need to start buying insanely cute girl baby things. i'm excited actually because if i stay in the city i think it would be awesome to have a niece to come visit me. some girl who i didn't have to really take care of but for whom i can be that ultra-hip role modely type of person and then send her back on her merry little way back to the cold midwest.
i've been craving korean fried chicken desperately since i posted that "dave chang getting drunk and happy" clip. i LOVE that chicken place. but there can be hella long waits during happy hour and i prefer to go in groups of 4 because i've never finished one of those light up, simmering beer towers with just two people.
lots of brunches and dinners planned this weekend. and maybe i'll toss in a massage for myself while i'm at it.
cousin sent me this mix cd that i'm obsessed with. this song, which pitchfork wasn't all too pleased with, is my new addiction. it puts me in this swingy, sassy, peppy mood wherein i want to mashed potato around in a betty draper dress. if he's lucky, someday i'll try to teach cousin how to dance.
i could see the yankees ticker tape parade from my office and it was pretty awesome. jeter is such a big guy and i'm so used to the way he moves that i spotted him from a mile away (and a dozen stories up). i didn't spot my boyfriend robinson cano. i will make that man mine somehow. there were millions of people down there and i knew when to check the window by the volume of the screaming fans all over. rock on.

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Blogger Admin said...

What the shizzle? I can't believe after all this time I've been out of the blogosphere you are still very much here. Awesome.

11/07/2009 6:08 PM  
Blogger cadiz12 said...

that generationals song is so deliciously old-school. thanks, cousin! what else is on that mix cd?

11/08/2009 6:07 PM  
Blogger Syar said...

That sheath is hot stuff!

11/08/2009 9:21 PM  

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