Wednesday, October 28, 2009

monty python reunion

oy oy. have been busy and all over the place the past couple weeks so some obviously light posting. will write up everything else this weekend i suppose. '95 bordeauxs, maryland crabs with old bay and mallets, the new yorker festival, great private party this thursday with one of my favorite musicians, korean day spas....
the monty python reunion was awesome. (found a sweet girl on craigs to buy my extra ticket. she's a pre-med, raised in queens, with amazing taste in clothes/shoes. we have a date for her to take me to consignment shops on the UES. i'm looking for miu miu bag and she said she knows just where to find one.) the documentary will run on IFC in 6 parts, one hour each. they showed a 2 hour version last night which was funny and touching. i did not know my favorite beatle (george) was the one who bankrolled "life of brian" because he "wanted to watch it" and then put his house up as collateral to raise the 4M necessary. pink floyd and led zeppelin were the ones who financed holy grail. awesome. john cleese is so smart/funny but also the cocky one of the group. there were a lot of stories and remembrances about graham chapman who was still clearly missed. a life size cardboard cutout was put on stage in his place for the Q&A, which was really pretty awesome. they all still make each other fall to pieces. and michael palin (who was always my favorite, even though graham was the prettiest), is still adorable. so it was an experience i won't forget. also awesome that it was at the ziegfeld where you get free soda and popcorn, cuteness times two. steve coogan (whom i LOVE) totally brushed by me in the lobby and i'm proud that i resisted the temptation to grab him somewhere inappropriate though i suspect he probably would have enjoyed it. video here!
insane. click through to the lemur flying.
i'm an idiot and could have sworn i had another year on my passport but no! expired in august and i only discovered it last week. made an appointment with the passport agency here who actually saw me right on time and two days later i had a new passport in my hands. how's that for service? rock the fuck on. am sending it off for my kenyan visa tomorrow.

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