Tuesday, April 21, 2009

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some catching up...
i loved the conchords concert. and though i've always thought myself to be a bret girl, jermaine was looking MIGHTY fine to me last week. that tall glass of water, that deep voice, and also i just found him to be more sociable and entertaining. bret broke some small toy piano right at the start. lots of plastic loose piano keys resulted. said keys were randomly tossed into the audience. the audience started out near silent which i took to be disinterest, then realized it was just quiet which allowed people to hear and appreciate every damn word. jermaine, i've been meaning to tell you. i LOVED the cassarole. i truly did. towards the end the audience got downright rowdy. lots of yelling and demanding things. lots of talking back and forth. at one point someone yelled to jermaine, "what's on your shirt?!" "what's on my shirt? sunglasses..." he said, seemingly bewildered at the randomness/pointlessness of the question. yet there it was, you saw it clearly as he opened up (and removed) his button down: a pair of sunglasses printed at the collar to look like sunglasses hung there at the neck. they did TWO encores and played 3 songs at the first one and two songs at the second. and we humored them when they asked us to stand up and go wild so that someone could take a photo of them from upstage with all of our waving hands in the background. cute.
i obviously went to the yankees home opener and though i'd have liked to see a win...the largeness of the loss meant we could easily sneak down in the 7th to seats on the lower level to get good photos of the field. and by "the field" i mean no less than 50 shots of robinson cano. i want to have his babies. ALL of them. however the fuck many he wants! and i can't even talk about saturday's game. seriously.
finally the HBO movie of grey gardens aired and i just loved it. though i wouldn't have considered myself a fan of drew barrymore, she did well. jessica lange was just ridiculous. completely insanely good.
this is the cutest. really.
i'm getting lunch cooked from a cart by dave chang. so yeah, i won but since i pretty much only have an hour i have no idea whether i'll have time to even eat. may send lacey to stake it out first, then join and have her wait in a line. if there is one. it's all very hush hush. have no idea where it's taking place. will report back when it's over if i get there and actually have time to eat.
this episode of wait! wait! don't tell me was hilarious. paula deen is my new pretend best friend. woman is an absolute riot.
still talking to the southerner. am going to start keeping track of his phrases. he'll say "bust a gut" instead of "cracked up." and if something is really good he'll call it "gravy" which i think is cute. i'm easily entertained these days.

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Blogger Wags said...

I was laughing hard in my car on Saturday listening to Paula Dean... especially when she went to her fridge and described the contents, and then when she said Michael was eating NutraSystem, I thought I was going to cry I was laughing so hard.

4/22/2009 2:31 PM  

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