Tuesday, April 07, 2009

MIA, trumpet players, boyfriends

so i saw the preservation hall jazz band last night and they were sooooooo good. and i love that style of music anyhow but it made me sad to have never been to new orleans. but i brought with me a new orleans native whose heart i could see leaping around in homesickness throughout the whole thing. i had the hugest smile on my face the whole time. also, the bandleader/trumpet player mark braud so reminded me of my high school crush, also a trumpet player. they both had such a serious demeanor onstage. a distracted-looking one that screamed, "i'm too busy paying attention to the band to care that there's an audience here." and BOY could they all play.
side note: the blue note will forever remind me of the place where i got the paper cut that wouldn't stop bleeding which caused me to meet and subsequently sleep with the trumpet player in michael buble's band. after which we got to talking about the civil rights act (don't ask) and i find out he's a republican. I SLEPT WITH A FREAKING REPUBLICAN! never again. don't tell anyone. it's embarrassing.
so i'd brought with me to the concert my friend shane who, if he wasn't gay, would be my boyfriend. he's just absolutely the perfect date. and when i told him i was eyeing the fries he insisted on ordering some. even though i protested, he knew that deep down, i wanted those damn things. and lo, they were good. and because french fries is not a real dinner (it is, but i don't widely talk about my feelings on that), we skipped over to mamoun's for falafel sandwiches afterwards. perfect.
busy and work and blah blah blah is my excuse for being gone.
have "dark was the night" concert tickets which i mentioned earlier but now david byrne (who i've seen in concert some 13000 times because the man and his bike are everywhere) and bon ivor are now added to the roster. wooohoo!
a new roommate moved in and i love love love her. also, she has a buzzed head so she won't leave tons of hair on the bathroom floor like my last one. score!
this is old, but here is the ridiculousness of glenn beck
have an event this week with my other boyfriend nigel barker. and another boyfriend of mine, robinson cano hit the first homerun in the new yankee stadium (and no, i don't give a shit that it was an exhibition game).
i'm sure there was more i was meant to tell you. although i'm certain i've forgotten most of it. i'm so lame. apologies!

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