Thursday, December 11, 2008

herbs! fried chicken! parties in the rain

why i love mindy kaling in two sentences: This isn't Asia. I can say racist things like this because I'm Indian and I feel Chinese people are my first cousins.

this review of thais makes me feel like, perhaps i should try to see this. it's been two years since i've seen renee in anything and it's a lyric production which means i might actually like something at the met, for once.

the annual holiday party with the gays was a success. we did another white elephant/duane reade gift exchange. last year's hits were the clapper and a black barbie. this year? a dora the explorer sno-cone maker! mostly because most of us had the snoopy version and loved the shit out of it. there were lots of ped eggs present but i feel quite lucky to have walked away with a chia herb garden, because i actually considered buying one for myself. i am a nerd. a nert who enjoys herbs. (this reminds me of the time i went away and told my english roommate that the only thing i needed her to do was water my rosemary plant. i returned and the first thing out of her mouth was, "i'm so sorry jasmine! i killed your BAH-zul!" and that reminds me of the time she almost slapped me when she called it BAY-SEL because she was so mortified at how terribly UGLY a word she just let escape her mouth. oh, english people. so cute!)

the hipster trend this year is ugly sweater parties. i'm going to one myself on saturday and so, naturally, went to k-mart where they had 5 different varieties of ugliness, but all in sizes XXL or XXXL. so i'll be rocking a sweet sweet sweatervest that might fit 4 people in it.

omg korean fried chicken. that's all. so goddamn yummy.

i'm loving all the blago stuff. i definitely voted for him in 2002. i'm sure cousin will have his fair share on this but i distinctly remember not liking him much but just voting a straight democratic ticket. fucking chicago. it's only awesome for me to read about this shit because i don't live there anymore. i'm sure my grandparents will start waving in my face when i get home for christmas. say it represents how evil all democrats are or some such nonsense.

because i'm all annoying and stalky and adoring when it comes to alex balk i may have gotten an invite to his birthday party purely by being in his contacts list. i should abuse this happy little accident but through all my running around tonight, i'll likely get stuck here with all the nyc political types. i go to this party every year and every year i regret it (it's overcrowded, the venue always stinks, lines 4 deep at the bar, and i inevitably run into several people i don't enjoy) on the other hand (!) would be good to touch base with some cuomo people lest the dude actually wants and would accept a senate seat. oy. and the one night that i must be on all opposite corners of manhattan, i won't be able to catch a cab to save my life due to rain. poop.


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Blogger Cousin said...

I'm just thanking God that Obama came off so well in the tapes: just imagine if some transition team apparatchik made the vaguest comment about trading a favor to get Valerie Jarrett nominated -- the right wing talk radio machine would explode and Obama's honeymoon period would be over before it began.

The entertainment for cynical politico obsessives is what the Dems will do with Pat Quinn, and vice-versa. Quinn has always been a populist gadfly -- they hate him for putting a referendum on the ballot 30 years ago which cut the size of the state house by 1/3. And the real governor of Illinois, Mike Madigan, would just assume not give him 2 years in office to run against his daughter, AG Lisa Madigan. BUT the only way to be sure to save Obama's senate seat for the Dems is Quinn -- if they pass a law to have a special election, GOP Congressman Mark Kirk would be favored to win over all the previously discussed candidates (with the exception of Valerie Jarrett). Meanwhile (and unfortunately) I suspect Quinn is ready to play ball with The Combine rather than use his 2 years and the circus atmosphere around Blago's corruption to pass real reform legislation.

12/11/2008 11:23 AM  

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