Tuesday, October 21, 2008

morons, my republican grandma, pies!

hey, diane fanning in fayetteville NC. you're an asshole. does it feel good being ignorant?

hey, robin hayes. it's called the internet. it means that when you lie about this shit, you won't get away with it. how about you? ignorance working well for you too?

ditto michele bachmann

re: drudge flaunting a nickelodeon poll...can't we all agree that the only polls that should matter are those that survey only people who aren't legally able to vote?

spoke to my grandma yesterday. told her i was sending her an article about all the bad things that would happen to medicare/medicaid under mccain's health plan. they hate when i spew my "liberal propaganda" at them so i was expecting her to tell me not to bother. but since she actually depends on medicaid, she seemed interested. then something happened that i did not expect. "you know, i'm not a real big fan of that palin woman. i think he made a bad choice." i wanted to reach through the phone lines and pat that little old lady on the head and say, "good girl!" but instead i said, "yeah, i think she's probably a nice woman, but when she gave those interviews, she couldn't answer any of the questions." "oh, yes. we saw that couric interview," she responded. "they don't even trust her to have a press conference. she's just not ready for this." "oh yes dear. i agree..."

in the end, it sounded like they weren't going to vote for mccain but i don't think they can stomach voting for barack either. they live in IL so have been looking at obama's name in the paper for much longer than anyone else in this country has who doesn't live in the land of lincoln.

baking pies tonight. never happened on sunday. we started drinking champagne and then, well we all pretty much passed out at ted's.

going to this thing tomorrow. tres exciting.

our fall upstate field trip was fun. pumpking picking. a lame corn maze. apple picking. and then a stop at a haunted winery. it was one of those lame haunted houses though that just have vignettes and nobody jumping out at your or anything. they kept making inside jokes during the "skits" and it was all very amateurish. but the winery was actually a good one and i left with half a case of good stuff. in all, a satisfying day with fantastic weather....

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Blogger Cousin said...

Illinois is going to be a shoe-in for Obama, the bigger question is the constitutional convention. Some misguided reform types are favoring it, thinking they can get some tax restructuring and recall measures into the constitution, when what is more likely is a gay marriage/civil union ban, anti-illegal immigration/abortion restriction/etc. propositions will be put on the ballot instead.

But let's give your grandparents a break -- every so-called "progressive" who supports Mayor Daley is far more damnable. Yesterday Patrick Fitzgerald indicted Jon Berge for perjury about YEARS of police torture. The same police torture that State's Attorney Richard Daley worked hard to cover-up. The same torture that Mayor Daley's handpicked panel said couldn't be prosecuted because of the statue of limitations. But neither that, nor the mobbed-related corruption scandals, the endless patronage, or any of the other ugliness in his administration stopped many people (including our next President and our current Democratic whip in the House) from enthusiastically endorsing, and voting for, da mayor two years ago. It's not like they didn't know. It's that they didn't care. Probably said "he makes the city work" and cracked a few jokes about "the Chicago way." Not recognizing this was the same defense Mussolini's supporters gave prior to World War II (with geographic substitution where appropriate). Many of these are the same people who protest George W. Bush's authorization of torture. The truth is that many are in favor of civil rights in the abstract, but when it's the neighborhood thugs who pose a clear and present danger then the ends justify the means (to cite to another Italian -- hmm, I think I'll have pizza for lunch!)

10/22/2008 11:00 AM  

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