Friday, January 04, 2008

an introduction

i received this text from jewish boy genius last night: "that's quite a blog you've got there..."

so everyone wave hello to boy genius!

my response: "vote obama!" primarily to question the fact that he's been working on a presidential campaign in iowa all week and he's taking time to read my stupid blog. seriously?

his response: "yup...mixed emotions definitely...but i was a little hurt by the discovery this evening..."

my response: "why hurt? jewish boy genius not a flattering enough nickname?"

him: " 'in my arrogance'???...but anyway, i couldn't find the posting where the character was introduced, which i would be interested to read if it exists"

at which point i laughed out loud. it was extremely funny to me for two reasons: 1.) he once told me, with something resembling pride, "i am the most arrogant person i know." 2.) the whole message came off as, "i'm so hurt you said i was arrogant, you can't see it but i'm pouting. by the way, i'm sure there's a post where you talk about meeting me and how hot and wonderful you think i am, so why don't you dig that up and send me the link."

knowing he sounded a bit douchey he followed up with this text: "but also, cmon...give me a break."

so despite the fact that i've done little but talk about how impressive he is, he feels the need to feign offense. cry. me. a. river.

i didn't ask how he found it. most my friends know about it but 99% of them don't read it and forget it exists. they find that they're too busy hanging out with me to then waste their time reading about hanging out with me. also, it's boring.

just a day after i e-mail jeff, breaking the news to him i'm not behind his woman, i also note that, "but hey, there's this guy i know (some dude i used to sleep with, i think i mentioned him to you a while back) who is in iowa helping you guys and he's brilliant and really experienced and you're so lucky to have him there, blah, blah." then hillary comes in third in iowa and not more than 30 minutes after her speech i get a text from a guy in iowa who should have better things to do.

or it's the douchebags with whome i went to new hampshire. i think i e-mailed them from my blog address to pay for the bus out...

3 people who played with me:

Blogger Cousin said...

I'm flattered you ask! Well, I think Hillary is running for the same reason most politicians run: a mix of selfish desire for power and a belief that they have the best agenda to lead the nation. They're both deeply flawed candidates (if many times better than the best the GOP can offer -- and they probably won't even offer that). It is sad that Joe Biden and Chris Dodd are now out of the race, because even though neither is the equal to Paul Tsongas, they helped shape what debate there has been on the issues for the better.

The thing is, HRC has a record: she's unabashadly calling for a restoration of the Clinton Adminsitration. I wish people would read Bob Woodward's "The Agenda" to see just how titantic a struggle it was for the Clintons to put the nation's economic house in order (Hillary had a significant, if not dominant, role, which included both re-shaping a failing message and some arguably unscrupulous arm-twisting: many have wondered why she didn't apply the same approach to health care). The result was not only a long expansion of the economy, but the only time since Reconstruction when African-Americans made economic gains at a faster pace than society at large. Obama's not entirely different, but he's less rooted to deficit reduction/paygo.

Then there's foreign policy. Hillary is offering Bill Clinton and Madeline Albright. Obama is offering Zbigniew Brezinski. While I have serious issues with the former (particularly Presidential Directive #25 to Albright when she was UN Ambassador -- a truly low moment in our nation's history), the latter rivals Dick Cheney in terms of failure. (While it could be coincidence that Jewish Boy Genius supports Hillary, Zbig is a vocal critic of Israel, and while Obama has voiced strong support for Israel his church (the UCC) is outright hostile)).

In any event, one can make a good case that Iowa proved Hillary's statement correct -- I didn't read the stump speeches but the reports were pretty consistent that Obama's was light on policy while Clinton's became increasingly wonkish.

For now, America apparently wants the Daley Machine to move into the White House. As my second favorite Big Star song goes, "you get what you deserve."

1/04/2008 11:43 AM  
Blogger cadiz12 said...

why hurt? you had been pretty positive about him when he was mentioned, that i remember. perhaps he was miffed with surprise because he just didn't expect to find a blog, let alone one that mentioned him, alias or not?

either way, it's read at your own risk, people.

1/04/2008 12:54 PM  
Blogger Peter DeWolf said...

I agree with cadiz.

Also, if I found a friends anonymous blog, I'd ask permission before reading it.

Vote Obama!

1/04/2008 8:05 PM  

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