Friday, April 18, 2008

what i want in a man?

me: the guy who made sam's dining table
  which is a work of art
  and also doing his shelving
  and his bed
  he's amazing
 Peter: do you love him or his work?
 me: and also must make some money if sam is buying
  seemed sweet
  and looked like ryan gosling
  so we like ARE the notebook.
 Peter: noooow the truth comes out
 me: i'm the more sophisticated
9:08 PM he's the rough around the edges dude i.e. lives in brooklyn
  but there was something about him.
  i liked him
9:09 PM Peter: then i wish you luck in your stalking
9:10 PM me: ben erickson
  there are like 5 million of them
  will have to get info from sam.
9:11 PM but it was weird because he was kind of like the hired help
  but not.
 Peter: hired help?
 me: like, sam had people over but his interior designer came with ben and was late
9:12 PM and so ben is underneath this massive table, putting it together
  and we're mulling around with sancerre
  so strange
 Peter: hahaha
 me: like he was the handyman
  but i liked it
 Peter: who are you, imelda marcos?
 me: i'm sooo not about the richy people
  i knew sam before he was rich
  so now i am stuck mingling with him and his people
  but ben was like grungy, and rustic, and had tools
9:13 PM and we're all fancy in this 4.5 million dollar apt.
 Peter: you crack me up
 me: so there are all these professionals there
and i'm like, "that one! the one under the table with the screwdriver! i like him!"
  brilliant artist/designer though
  the table is beautiful

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Blogger Peter said...

All the hired help lives in Brooklyn.

Still cracking me up.

4/18/2008 7:05 AM  

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